Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One Brave Man!

My heart felt thanks goes out to Tom Wappel, a man of principal, the ONE BRAVE MAN who broke the triple whip. I saw him on CPAC, he had no clue why Dion made, as he called it a "180 turn". If he gets kicked out of the Liberal caucus, I hope the Conservatives welcome him home, where he belongs. I will trade one Garth Turncoat for a Tom Wappel anyday!

If he is not willing to switch to the Conservatives, I hope he runs as an independent, if I was in his riding, I would vote for him. Every once in awhile you see a ray of hope in politics, that's what I saw with Tom Wappel last night.

We had Bains voting against (conflict of interest anyone)these measures, the same ones that were upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada, we had Dion whipping his members, or should I say beating his member/s. What a sad bunch the Liberals have become, they would be laughable if they weren't so dangerous. They are good at spouting and name calling, but they have no heart, no soul and no idea of what good governance really means. To call the victims of 9/11 a sideshow was in such bad taste it's unbelievable, but the MSM is silent.

I applaud your stance Tom, kudos to you for sticking to your principles.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I watched CPAC tonight and the wife of a 9/11 victim, Maureen Basnicki, made an impassioned plea to Liberal leader Dion, to deaf ears. SHAME.

What I noticed was that behind her was an opposition MP, who hung his head in SHAME over what all three opposition parties had just done. He knew he was wrong, but he put his party before Canada. SHAME.

Dion triple whipped his party, wow that's real leadership Dion. SHAME.

Liberals showed with this vote that the Liberal party comes before all else. SHAME.

I watched the votes, what was Bains doing voting on this issue? Conflict of interest anyone? SHAME.

Spin it anyway you want MSM, it's a massive Liberal flip flop that puts Canadians in danger. SHAME.

The NDP are talking about sticking to their principles. It's obvious they have no love of country. SHAME.

The Bloc, is just morally deficient, the only thing they are good for is asking for more money for Quebec. SHAME.

I hope the Liberals are as sick at heart as I am over this, but judging by their voting today, after pleas from 9/11 victims families and Air India families, party trumps country. SHAME.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Scab This!

What are the opposition parties up to, are they trying to force an election? Are all lefties brainless, or just stupid?

They moan about the Afghanistan mission not being "balanced", the Conservatives direct 200 million to aid Afghanistans, is that not a good thing, well no. According to the opposition, it's too little too late, it's an election ploy, it's not enough...BLAH, BLAH. Fine, they are just showing the Canadian public what idiots they are, no biggy, most of us already knew that, so we aren't shocked.

What is more disturbing than that bafoonery (is that a word?) is the anti-scab bill. This is the ultimate lefty wet dream. Unions reign supreme over the companies they work for, because they can strike and force other workers to not be able to do their jobs, and no temporary workers can be hired to help the company keep supplying it's customers.

In other words, the union holds a big hammer, and they get to club companies over the head with it, unions are drooling as we speak. This bill moves the lefties and their unions out of the socialist realm, into the communist realm.

If this bill passes, watch even more companies leave for China, why would they stay here? Maybe the lefties should put in a restriction on companies leaving Canada, guess they forgot that little problem.

It's stupidity, but no one has even accused the opposition of being smart.

You can sign a petition against it here:

Passing Bill C-257 would deny freedom of choice to unionized workers; and
Passing Bill C-257 would drive away investment from Canada and kill jobs.
We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, call upon Parliament and the leaders of Canada’s opposition parties, to stop Bill C-257 and allow every Canadian the right to earn a living.

Our fundamental right to freedom is under attack, this bill is a perfect example of how and why.

Just say NO.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Age Of Consent

What the heck has happened to this bill, it was one of the first law and order bills the Conservatives proposed, yet it's stalled somewhere in Parliament.

I told my MP that if the Conservatives passed no other bill but this one, that I would vote for them again. It is really a no brainer.

So, who are the no brainers holding this legistation up? Why would the opposition try to hold up a piece of legislation that all parents want, because it helps to protect the most innocent, our children. Especially now when the internet is responsible for more sexual predators luring children into dangerous situations.

My MP is pushing hard for this bill, I call on all parents to start emailing their MP's to get this bill passed. This is not a party issue, this is a parenting issue. This is about protecting our children.

How does raising the age of consent from 14 to 16, with close in age clauses harm anyone but the predators out there. Right now if your 15 year old daughter/son decides to go live with a 25 year old, you as a parent can not legally do anything about it. The police will try to help you but their hands are tied by an outdated law.

Don't be tough on our children, get tough with predators, pass this bill.

SHAME on the opposition for holding this bill up, but maybe they listen to the man/boy society more than they listen to us parents. This must stop, pass the bill.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini Kyoto!

I wonder how parts of Ontario are liking their little "mini Kyoto". Just think, one oil refinery in Ontario shuts down, and stations are out of gas, the price of gas is rising across Ontario, and the rest of Canada, but enviromentalists are saying, implementing Kyoto isn't going to cost us anything?

Dion is yelling about making "megabucks" by meeting our Kyoto targets? Layton is saying it's only going to cost $1.50 a barrel, and forgetting to tell people that they will pay that $1.50 at the pumps.

One closed oil refinery causes most of Ontario real problems, think of closing 33% of the oil refineries.

This article is dead on.

The zealots, and ill-informed media, have found a new "lede" to get public attention for their cause. They would have us believe it's all about capitalism and fat cats and Big Oil. But it's not.
And here are the questions I would like pollsters to ask anyone who answers that they believe that protecting the environment should be a political priority.
- Would they support a ban on cars? Cars are the real enemy of the planet.
- Or a ban on incandescent bulbs? California is considering banning them because they use four times more energy than fluorescents.
- Would they support a limit of 250 square feet or less per person in terms of residential space? Would they support a high tax on those who exceed that amount? Small residences are axiomatic to reducing energy use.
- Would they move to live within walking distance of their work or school? Would they commit to using public transport only?
- Would they move to a residence with small windows that faces toward the sun for most of the day?
- Would they give up their job if necessary? Or eating meat? Or air conditioning? Or synthetic fabrics? Or have only one child or, better yet, none?
The point of this is that the polls are incomplete, which is leading, in the case of Canada, to potentially ruinous political action and attitudes.
There's also a lot of misinformation about the Kyoto Protocol itself and Canada's responsibilities.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Are The Liberals Hiding?

I was home today, and got to watch question period. Interesting to say the least.

What are the Liberals trying to hide with their fake outrage about an article in the Vancouver sun?

Navdeep Singh Bains, MP for Mississauga-Brampton South, shot on to the national stage after the December 2006 convention in which he delivered huge support to Gerard Kennedy and later to Dion, who won the Liberal leadership by 437 votes.
The Vancouver Sun has learned that Bains's father-in-law, Darshan Singh Saini, is on the RCMP's potential list of witnesses at investigative hearings designed to advance the Air India criminal probe.
But the ability to hold those hearings will be lost March 1 if parts of the Anti-Terrorism Act expire as expected, after the Liberals recently withdrew support for extending the provision being used to hold them.

So, if parts of the Anti-Terrorism Act are not supported by the Liberals, no witnesses, no hearings? Hummm.

Here's what we have so far:

1. Liberal MP Bains father-in-law, might have to testify in the Air India Inquiry, if the Anti-Terrorism Act is not shot down.

2. Ex-PM Paul Martin, was actively asking forsupport from terrorist organizations.

3. Then interim leader Bill Graham, seems soft on Hizbullah.

4. Ex-PM Paul Martin and friends, show support for the Tamil Tigers.

5. Let's not forget Denis Coderre, marching in Montreal, in a pro-Hezbollah march, with flags showing support for the terrorist group.

6. How about Bob Rae's wife being subjected to anti-semitic remarks, at the Liberal leadership convention.

Anyone seeing a pattern developing here? Maybe the Liberals are protesting just a tad too much. If the Liberals do not support the anti-terrorism act, will anyone actually wonder why?

PM Harper didn't have to smear anyone, the Liberals did a great job all by themselves. And, they will have to wear it next election.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

22 Weeks And Kicking!

A miracle that this baby lived, seeing as abortion advocates think even a 40 week baby is not viable, as long as it has one foot in the Mom.

Amillia weighed just 284 grams -- or less than 10 ounces -- when she was born Oct. 24, 2006. She measured just 9 1/2 inches long -- a little longer than a ballpoint pen.
She was delivered by Caesarean section at 21 weeks and six days after conception, after attempts to delay a premature delivery failed. The exact date of her conception was known because she was conceived by in vitro fertilization.
Dr. William Smalling, the neonatologist at Baptist Children's Hospital in Kendall, Florida, where Amillia was born, said Monday his team was not optimistic about Amillia's prospects at birth.
"But she proved us all wrong," he told reporters Monday.
"She's truly a miracle baby."

I predict this is going to be a real problem for abortion advocates, especially in the US. Can Canada finally get an abortion law passed, after the Supreme Court bunted any law, any limits on how late you can have an abortion? What a travesty, SSM good, protecting our most precious babies, bad. Why, well, uhmmm, choice. Yup, you heard it, choice. Talk about lame.

What woman wants to choose to kill her baby? That's a choice? This isn't the 50's when unwed Mothers were looked down on, this is a country that accepts SSM and swinger's clubs. The NDP have a poverty bill in the house, they cry about all those poor children that need help, not a whisper about the murders of thousands of babies every year. The Bloq, don't they have a lot of Catholic voters, not a hint from those separatists about baby killing. Liberals, well they are the worse of a bad bunch, it's liberal judges that dismissed the idea that there should be any limits on abortion, look up partial birth abortion, they are perfectly fine with this brutal baby killing. I guess that's the P in progressive.

Now, with Baby Amillia, I hope things here in Canada will change. If that little one could make it, think of how many others might be alive today, if only the Mothers had actually realized that they had the choice, to choose life for their babies.

A miracle baby, is God talking to those who refuse to listen?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dion Is Free Falling!

Well, bet the media plays this down. Conservatives up in all areas.

Who would you vote for:

34% Cons +3
29% Libs -8

Not a big increase for the Conservatives, but look at the Liberals, they are down by 8 points, this huge!

Identify with:

33% Cons
15% Libs

Well, are people starting to get over that, "hidden agenda" idea?

Most decisive:

53% Cons
19% Libs

Now, that is just so telling, Canadians realize that the Conservatives can take a stand, and not flip flop!

Environment - tied

So, Dion the greenie, the saviour of our envirionment, can't even gain points on the environment?

Free falling
Free falling

No wonder Duffy interviewed Iggy today and not Dion.
Well Dion, you can run but you can't hide.

I am so looking forward to an election. The debates should be real interesting, because Iggy won't be able to stand in for Dion.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

11th Commandment: Pardon Thy Criminals!

Today on CPAC, the question went something like this: "Should judges be politically appointed". Of course they had two lawyers on the panel. What amazed me was the spin those 2 put on the fact that PM Harper wants judges who would uphold the law and order bills that are before Parliament, if they ever get out of committee or the senate.

The callers, except for one NDP moonbat, all pointed out that the Liberals had appointed Liberal judges for decades. They also pointed out that the only change the Conservatives had made was to add a policeperson to the advisory committee. This was not right according to the lawyers, but it was okay to appoint people who had actively donated to and worked for the Liberal party, just not ones who had worked for or had anything to do with the Conservative party. They didn't even see what hypocrites they were being, but that's lefties for you.

I wish that one of the callers would have asked them about the 100,000 murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc, the parole board has let out since 2000.

Yup, that's 100,000 criminals with their records wiped clean!

A Sun Media investigation discovered last week that 100,000 convicted criminals have received pardons over the last six years.
That means this army of scumbags -- and an army it truly is; the Canadian Forces couldn't field that many combat troops if the life of the nation depended on it -- can get passports, work for any federal agency, including the Armed Forces (New slogan: The few. The proud. The perverted.), or any business under federal authority.
And they can tell prospective employers that they don't have a criminal record.

So, the Conservatives add a seat on judges nominating committees for police and they are accused of corrupting the judicial system.

Liberals year after year appoint Liberal judges, that's okay. A prime example is Supreme court judge Abella, and her buddy Charron, both rabid feminists, appointed by Martin, who rammed SSM though the courts. But, that's okay, their Liberals.

Pardoning 100,000 criminals, well that's very Liberal too. As a matter of fact, the Liberals added one new commandment on us while they were in power, it reads:

11th Commandment: Pardon Thy Criminals

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Northern Lights

Okay, 5 satellites were launched today under a project called THEMIS, to help scientists understand what causes the northern lights.

NASA is undertaking the mission to investigate what causes auroras in the Earth's atmosphere to change in appearance and dissipate. Discovering why the light of auroras can fluctuate and fade will provide scientists with important details on how the planet's protective magnetosphere works and on the sun-Earth connection.

So, we need 5 satellites to study the northern lights, how many satellites are being used to get data about climate change? sun-Earth connection? Well, well, so there is a connection? The sun somehow affects our climate? Who would have thunk it! I'm shocked.

Go to the site and read about substorms, yup, they are like earthquakes in the sky. Might this help to change our climate?

My question to Suzuki, the zoologist is, if they still don't understand the northern lights, and have no clue what causes them, how can the science be "closed" on climate change? Anybody?

New Blogger Sucks!

At least with the old blogger my posts would be rise to the top of the blogging tories site, but now I seem to be pegged between This Housewife, and Drewblog, never to rise above.

I have no chance to get on the main page, if my comments are pegged. Or, maybe my feed is not right. Not sure what the real problem is, but, what is sure is that, the new blogger, is worse than the old blogger.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Guy Causes Huge Spike In Income Trusts

That' s what the Liberals want us to believe. A spike so high that it caused a RCMP investigation, during an election, was caused by one guy who bought some income trust shares. Yup, I believe that one.

Goodale wants an apology? Why? He was the Minister when the leaks occured. He stated that his department was clean. Guess not.

I actually feel sorry for the one guy caught by the RCMP, he's one small fish in a pool of Liberal piranhas.

Plain and simple, the Liberals have no morals, and that's a fact.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shame On The Conservatives!

They voted against the Kyoto God, who all opposition parties bow down too. Respect our commitments? After 10 years of doing nothing, we should now do what the Liberals were supposed to do? Do they think we are such idiots?

Okay, reduce the Senate gasses by lowering the heat in the Senate by 33%, see if any of them are awake enough to save themselves from freezing to death. Okay, I know that's not going to happen, but it would be fun to see them all bundled up in their Stanfields and mittens.

So, the Conservative have 60 days to produce a plan, well I have a plan that would only take a day.

Cut the oil and gas that Alberta sends to the east by exactly 33%, then we are in compliance with Kyoto. Oops, your cold? Sorry, we are complying with Kyoto. (I know, that's like the let them freeze in the dark comment)

Is the opposition really that stupid? They were whining today in question period about 2000 jobs lost, do they really understand that at least 1 million jobs would be lost if we paid Billions to China, and no GHG's would be reduced?

Bring on the election, as Dion sort of said, if I could have understood him, Canadians are not dumb.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

33% Females, Let's See Where They Run!

Talk about discrimination, but the lefties don't see it that way.

My prediction, 28 Liberal females will run in Alberta! Then when none of them get elected, the Liberals can pull out the Alberta is full of redneck's talking points, and feel better about themselves. Come on Martha Deck the Hall Finely, I dare you to run here! Remember we did re-elect "get our guns" Annie, another lawyer, lot's of times here in ex-Redmonton! Oh, I forgot, didn't she get outed last election for supposed voter irregularities?

If a person wants to run for election, good for them, but they should not win just because they are female, that
degrades females.

Monday, February 12, 2007

SOW's Muddy Up The Trough!

Well, the SOW MP's are at it again, not a word in the MSM about their discrimination though, that would be unfair to the piglets.


The Committee selected the groups which were to testify before it. The score: 27 groups who opposed the cuts and a total of only 3 groups who supported the cuts, including REAL Women of Canada. Although REAL Women has extensive background knowledge about Status of Women funding, we didn't even make the initial selection. Only after extensive pressure was the Committee prepared to hear our views on the subject.

Well, there you go folks, fairness SOW style!

Those little piglets need to go to market next election, frankly, they are embarassing and doing nothing to actually help women in need.

Get out of the trough piglets, your hooves are standing on women who really need your help.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Today I actually got control of the remote for about an hour so, I switched to CPAC, and got to watch the Status of Women Committee at work, if that's what they want to call it.

I was totally disgusted by the opposition's behaviour, questions, and lack of respect for women. They were very disrespectful towards the Minister, Bev Oda, but she held her own, and gave back better than they gave. That's the problem, the opposition was still oinking about the cuts to groups that were on the teat of government, and totally disregarded anything the Minister told them.

Frankly, they looked like idiots.

NONE of the opposition members talked about actually helping aboriginal women, all they did was bleat (I know pigs oink) about how activists could not get funds anymore.

Well ladies, raise funds, have a bake sale, oops, that would really be demeaning wouldn't it? If those activists were 100% supported by the federal government, they deserve to get their funding cut by 100%. If they can't survive, guess noone wants to hear whatever message they didn't have for women.

I was impressed with Bev Oda, she did a great job against a bunch of feminists who had burned their bras years ago, and I suspect wish they hadn't. Sag on ladies!

As a woman, I want to see young girls being helped to get off the street, but not the opposition, they could careless about those young ladies. How do I know? Not one opposition member thanked Minister Oda for giving funds to an organization that is doing exactly that, helping young girls.

OINK, that's all I heard from the opposition. They appear to be so stuck on getting funding back for their friends that they can't see that real women are at risk.

Lefties talk big about helping the underdogs, but they fall far short. Just like they will not support Afghanistan, even though girls were banned from education.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Global Warming, Or Maybe This?

I read about Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, years ago when I was in university, some of his predictions intrigued me at the time, and frankly, they still do. In the book I read about him, one of the chapters that really caught my attention was the one about future earth changes.

He predicted that a minute rotation in the axes in the middle of the earth, would slowly make it's way towards the earth's crust, where there would be major "climate changes", except he called them "earth changes".

Here is a quick overview of who he was, and some of his predictions.

"There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles -- so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.

So, because of a shift in the poles, the cold climates will become more tropical? Sounds like global warming to me. Aren't the poles magnetic?

But now scientists have made a startling discovery: it seems there’s a storm brewing deep within the Earth, a storm that is weakening our vital magnetic shield. Peter Olson at Johns Hopkins University explained that “the Earth’s magnetic field has been our protector for millennia, and now, it appears, it’s about to go away.”

Okay, is this any less likely a reason for climate change, then say, man made greenhouse gasses? I don't know, but it appears to me that this is not solved, the discussion is not over just because a majority of scientists have reached a "concensus". Since when is science about "concensus", what happened to the idea that science should be based on facts?

To my mind, Cayce's predictions are just as believeable as our current crop of scientists, who are motivated by politics and money. Al Gore and Suzuki come to mind.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chatelaine Anti-Harper!

Feminists can dish in out but they really can't take it. Don't try posting a comment about this article, they stopped posting them at 11:22 and no reason is given. No, check your email, no we are having technical difficulties, nothing. My guess is that they got flooded with so many comments, they just shut it down. Why?

You figure it out!

Stephen Harper's government has been the least welcoming to women since the bad old days. And the bad old days weren't so long ago. Before 1982, rape victims still had to provide their sexual histories in court and the Supreme Court did not have a single woman Justice. Status of Women Canada only became a federal ministry in 1976, and until 1981, it was run by men. I grew up absolutely confident of my rights as a woman. I am no longer so sure. Younger women should brace themselves.

Well now PM Harper is getting blamed for things that happened in the 80's? Okay, explain to me how Stephen Harper had anything to do with the Liberals, you know, the natural ruling party, in suppressing women's rights, you know, the ones in power at the time?

Here's proof. Proportionately, the Conservatives have the fewest women MPs of any party. They have 11 per cent while the Liberals have 20 per cent , the Bloc 33 per cent and the NDP 41. Harper's cabinet has fewer women (six of 26) than Mulroney's did in 1992.

Proof of what? Did you forget to mention that the Conservatives have the most culturally diverse members of all parties? Oops, guess you missed that one. Most importantly, why should females get a free ride? If they are idiots, it doesn't matter, as long as they are females? That's what gives blondes a bad name. Shame on you. A MP should be qualified to do the job, they should not get in because they are female.

No one points out that Rona Ambrose's replacement, the new Environment Minister John Baird, has become obese, the fat forcing its way up his big neck and squeezing his eyes almost shut. It's okay for a man to be fat, public death for a woman.

Nasty, nasty, you won't admit that you hate Rona because she is beautiful. She's a "failed" Minister because you media woosies can't stand to look at a beautiful intelligent women being successful, so you bitches shut her down didn't you? You feminists can't stand the fact that Rona, is not only smart, but she doesn't look like a dogs breakfast, like you do. You can not stand a women who is prettier, and smarter than you. How do I know that, well I am prettier and smarter than all of you feminists, so, I've had to put up with your sour faces, and anti-male garbage all my life.

You know what, I here, I'm pretty, I love my husband, and my kids, and you are just jealous. Live with it!

Feminists are a dead breed, but they don't get it yet.

The best thing for women in the next election would be a Liberal government with a strong, vocal NDP presence to keep them alert to women's concerns. The path we are on now is degrading. Our daughters futures look bleak indeed.

Wow, aren't you being a real journalist, the facts and only the facts. How impartial, not a hint of who you would vote for, not a hint to tell us poor stupid women how to vote.

Well, this women has never thought I am unequal to males. Obviously, you think you are, sorry.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Support Of Israel!

But he said his party unequivocally endorsed Israel's month-long bombing campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon last summer -- something no other party did.
"We got a pretty sharp reminder that it's one thing to offer supportive words to Israel when it's convenient,'' he said.
"And (it's) quite another to stand firm in its hour of need ... When it was not popular to do so, we stood and told the truth. Israel had a friend that mattered.
"And that, my friends, is the only thing that really counts.''

I think this is an excellent example of how our PM supports democracies. Israel was under attack, but liberals put our PM under attack for supporting them, that disgusting display of liberalitis just shows how liberals talk about equality, but can't support real democracies like Israel.

Paul Martin was a total wash when it came to supporting anyone, I hate to think what the liberals would have done in the same situation. Lebanese Canadians would have still been waiting to get rescued.

Yes, I am enjoying this Conservative government, they are busy getting things done, and supporting Israel is important. Now, will the Jewish people vote Conservative? Too bad, I think not. I hope I'm wrong.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

UN Declares Kyoto Dead!

Okay, not in those words but close.

New UN agency to manage environment.

The new agency would transform the existing UN Environment Program, into “a fully-fledged international organization that is genuinely universal,” French President Jacques Chirac told delegates to the Citizens of the Earth conference, which was organized by his government.
“We know that humans are destroying, at an alarming rate, resources and balances that have enabled them to evolve and are determining their future,” he said. “We must admit to ourselves that we can no longer afford to be idle and that the risks and dangers are exacerbated with each passing day.”

So, the Kyoto money grabbing scheme didn't work, let's try another. NOT going to happen. The western world is finally realizing the UN is useless.

He also called for an international declaration that would make the right to a sound environment a universal human right.

This is really worrying, it's going to be a human right? My God, how are they going to monitor that, when the UN refuses to tell China that they are abusing human rights? They allowed millions to be killed in Rawanda, and they are doing nothing about Darfur? The environment is more important human lives? Okay the socialist/communist countries might like this, anything that restricts our freedom, is what they want. I sure hope Canada does not sign on to this garbage, it's worse than Kyoto.

Chirac is totally off the wall. I bet the European nations signed up, they are going downhill so fast, they are desperate to get an infusion of cash anyway they can. Now that Kyoto has failed, they are worried, their carbon trading market is tanking, because the targets were a fraud. Go ahead and slap some taxes on Canada and the US, we don't need Europe. Our Canadian wines are just as good, if not better than French wines.

Other than that, what do we actually buy from them?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Polar Bears!

Okay, it's like the seal hunt, bad, bad, Canadians, we are not protecting our wild life. So, what about the poor Polar Bears?

Well, you decide, here are two examples:

While politicians argue, polar bears slowly starve. Ouch, that's brutal, who would want those cuddly bears to starve. Bring back the ice!!

WARMING WORLD HAS INCREASED POLAR BEAR NUMBERS Okay, not as spectacular, not going to make the news, but probably true.

So, who's right? If you believe the media, our poor polar bears are dying. So, why is hunting still allowed? Ask the environmentalists, they want us all back to the cave days, and believe me, you can't hunt a polar bear with a pea shooter. Will you be happy when our taxpayer money goes to the environment, but people we love are still dying of cancer? Choose carefully.

Give the envionmentalists the BOOT, stop all funding for these people until they stop sucking up to the UN. The Useless Nations wants our money for poor countries who have done nothing to earn it. Social welfare magnified 10 times. Hey Mo Strong, are you still hiding out in China? Come on out Mo, we want to play!