Saturday, February 09, 2013

Friday Night Funnies: Winter Bowling!

Given that eastern Canada and the US are getting blizzard like conditions, I thought these might give you a hint of what winter bowling is all about!

And this is good too!

Just so West Coast Teddi doesn't feel left out, here's one from Vancouver:

My All Time Favorite, listen to the sounds.....winter bowling!!!!:

We are enjoying wonderful weather, so I hope Toronto and the States stay safe, and enjoy that snow tomorrow if you can. Now back to bad winter drivers on You Tube. Have a great weekend!


West Coast Teddi said...

No snow on the west coast ... yet!! The flowers are starting tho and the gardener cut the grass yesterday.

Thanks for the FNF

bubba brown said...

Good Morning no snow in Qualicum either!
Just Golf N' geezers.
Thanks for the FNF