Sunday, February 10, 2013

So God Made A Dog!

Okay, this isn't a takeoff of the God made a farmer ad, but it should be! Get the tissues ready.

How do dogs know, instinctively, that some people are special? I have seen it time and again, being involved with raising assistance dogs, how they just know someone is special and needs their help. It's uncanny, and why God made dogs.


dmorris said...

How do dogs know that some people are special? I don't know,but when my autistic son was little, his guardian angel was our big lab/doberman cross,Buster, who loved and protected that kid like his big brother. The feeling was mutual.

My son at age 5 wandered off into a heavily wooded Park near our home and I went looking for him. After about an hour, I heard Buster bark as I was calling for my son. I quickly found them,and the dog was right beside him, pressed against him as he was crying and scared.

He always said after, "Buster saved me".

Will Rogers once said,"if there are no dogs in Heaven,I don't want to go there".

I agree.

hunter said...

Wonderful story dmorris, and I agree, No dogs in heaven, you just can't call the place heaven then.