Sunday, February 03, 2013

God Made A Farmer!

Of all the superbowl ads, this one is the best:

Let the vegans and others try to get this one banned. Too late, it already aired!

Why do lefties only know how to ban stuff? Why can't they create anything?

Oops, silly me, they know how to create deficits (McGuinty and Redford), and they certainly know how to create dissension (Idle no More, Occupy) and they are experts at creating an atmosphere filled with hate against anyone who does not agree with them (Abortion).

I'm sick of the lefty whiners. They need to get out of the basement, get a job and join the real people in the real world. No more government grants for phoney research, no more living off of the productive like parasites.

If the greenies are so concerned about the environment, let them become farmers. HA! Thought not! It's a failure by them to create! (Well except for those bird choppers they love!)

Thank God for farmers....but don't except greenies to understand where their food comes from, that would be too difficult for them to comprehend. They are too busy growing illegal marijuana and protesting against the very people who provide them with food. 


Archie said...

It was hard work and sweat that made a farmer and God had little to do with it. At least my relatives would tell you this and would most likely fill your butt full of rock salt if you told them other wise. The Idle no More and Occupy are the result of the federal government actions, not the provinces. As to the deficits, you really need to get out of the sheltered world you live in. They cannot build roads, schools and other infrastructure fast enough to accommodate the masses of people coming to Alberta. This all putting pressure on all governments, with the exception of the Federal government that continues to take the equalization payments from Alberta. It's time Alberta took back some of these equalization payments to pay for the needs of the province. Mark my words, Saskatchewan will soon experience these growing pains and deficits like Alberta.

One of the major problems in Alberta is greed, prices keep on going up with no reasons, other then the greed.

bertie said...

Archie what in hell are you talking about?This is about farmers,quit your bitching.

hunter said...

Bravo bertie! My thoughts exactly.