Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Right To Bear Arms!

Here are two quick videos that say it all about the importance of the 2nd Amendment, and why gun control is such a bad idea.

First a quick definition of the 2nd amendment, by Penn and Teller, one bad word at the end, but for once in is used perfectly to describe the true nature of gun control nuts. 

Then of course, who can forget one of the most famous supporters of the Constitution and especially the 2nd amendment but Charlton Heston: 

And what bugs me most about this whole push for gun control, is that law makers are telling women to run to a call box, use a pen, or blow a whistle in the event of rape. What gives them the right to dictate to women what they should use to protect themselves? I thought it was all about "my body, my choice", so what if "my choice" to defend "my body" is a gun? Shouldn't law makers be in support of that choice?

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