Thursday, February 25, 2010

Politicians Need To Get That Olympic Feeling!

Congratulations to Joannie Rochette, she deserved the bronze medal for her performance. She is also a shining example of what the Olympic spirit is all about. She could have quit after her mother died, but she keep on her path and succeeded, for her Mom!

Now, if our politicians would just get with the Olympic feeling, we might see some progress in this country.

I find it typical that CTV would blaze this story all over the news.

Helena Guergis apologizes for airport outburst Notice it was doorknob Wayne Easter, Liberal MP for PEI, who ran to the press with this non-story. Let's not forget another Liberal MP from PEI who wanted to hang Mulroney, which somehow didn't get reported by CTV. Seriously, I love PEI, all my in-laws live there, but something in that red soil makes them vote in Liberal misfits. I guess when you can meet your MP in the bar any day of the week, it makes them more "human". Helena was right to apologize, and it shouldn't have happened, but CTV can't help themselves and have to mention her husband, Rahim Jaffer so you don't feel too sorry for her. It really is sickening how biased CTV is. Maybe we should start following their reporters around and report all the dirt we find on them.

Funny how CTV has failed to cover this story:

An MP is picking a fight over the separation of church and state, blasting a proposal to give government funding to a Christian group that wants to create a youth centre in downtown Winnipeg.

New Democrat MP Pat Martin says giving municipal or federal funding to the Youth For Christ project would amount to "taxpayer-funded proselytization."

Another MP that has no Olympic spirit. He thinks religious organizations are bad for our youths because they might give them a place to go when their parents are working. I wonder how may irate constituents he heard from over the last few days to make him change his mind?

MP flip-flops on Christian group’s youth centre

A New Democrat MP now says he'll help the Christian organization he excoriated last week as a "fundamentalist group" to build an $11.7-million youth centre in downtown Winnipeg.
"Now that it's over, I'm going to do all I can to ensure it's a success," Mr. Martin said. "Anything happening in the inner city is better than nothing."
At city council, opponents such as Nahanni Fontaine (any relation to Phil?) from the Southern Chiefs' Organization likened the group's youth centre to Canada's residential schools. But the primary complaint raised by inner-city groups was that they had no access to comparable public funding.

So it was all political for Martin, and Fontaine just wanted the money for their organization without having any plan of their own, they just think they DESERVE the money. They don't want interference in their community. Right, a community that has the highest crime rates, and highest suicide rates and a little bit of God is a bad thing? What a disgusting show of victimhood. Martin was obviously pandering to his special interest groups and not to the needs of the community. Vote him out!

Our MP's need to get some Olympic style courage from Joannie. They are being dictated to by special interest groups and they are forgetting who their really represent, that silent majority that has the power to vote them out.


Southern Quebec said...

What does giving MY MONEY to a bunch of Christians have to do with so-called Olympic Spirit? Pat Martin is right! This is a group that doesn't pay any taxes, but would like the rest of the country to contribute our tax money to their little group. (I would be curious to see you outrage if it had been a group of non-Christians.)

Oh, and the dim bulb that is Helena (wife of the cocaine/DUI guy) is not above the rules. Anyone else who had carried on like this at an airport would not have been allowed on the flight! I keep forgetting IOKIYAC!!! Yuk, yuk, yuk!

CanadianSense said...

Other than the Olympics why tune into CTV?

Going negative and spending weeks on pushing a negative like Tiger Woods extra marital activity is of national importance to be carried our MSM?

No thanks.

Same with the Bubbleboy circus, it demostrates our NEWS refuses to act in our best interests in providing balanced well researched news for tabloids sensastionalism.

If I wanted to watch TMZ or read the National Enquirer about the latest alien abduction,celebrity activity I would do so.

Political parties that refuse adult conversation and continue to use props and pubicity stunts are ill advised and risk voter wrath at the next general election.

In November 2009 the Liberals went zero for four contests, two in Quebec, one in BC and NS.

Southern Quebec said...

PS I just read about the Helena incident. This was no small matter. She had a major meltdown at the airport! She turned up 15 minutes before her scheduled departure (a nono), she ran through security (setting off alarms), she then took off her boots and threw them at an agent, and then ran to the gate at started banging on it! Oh, the reason:
“She was yelling at the Jazz agent to hurry up and that [he was] wasting her time and that she had to get going because she wanted to get home [to her husband] because it's her ‘effing birthday,'” the employee said.

Her birthday! As long as it's all about you Helena... Someone is off their meds...

BlueDog said...

Our Father,who art in GM Place ,hockey be thy name, thy will be done, GOLD to be WON on ICE as well as IN THE STANDS. Give us this day,our hockey-sticks and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who crosscheck against us. Lead us not into elimination but deliver us to victory,in the name of the fans, CANADA and the HOLY PUCK. AMEN!!

Frunger said...

The real problem with the left's attacks on religious groups is their disgusting lack of gratitude.

If religious groups stopped all their charitable work the Canadian social saftey net would collapse in on itself. The reality is that most of these organizations are Christian in some form or another.

Take away 90% of soup kitchens, homeless shelters, Christian after-school programs, Church organized youth groups and athletic organizations and have the government pick up all the slack.

Then they can try finding money for the rest of their feel-good lefty green programs and wealth distribution.


These groups do what the government would be expected to if they weren't around, and ask for very little in return, and a 'progressive' politian will vilify them till they are blue in the face.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being off one's meds.....

This is a group that doesn't pay any taxes, but would like the rest of the country to contribute our tax money to their little group.

Sounds like SQ just defined the modus operandi of the province of Quebec!

liberal supporter said...

Seems like somebody has their knickers in a knot!

Anonymous said...

Actually, SQ - the group, if you knew anything or had read anything, was not there to preach. The group was there to fill a void which people like Pat Martin are too high and mighty to fill. The volunteers actually put in sweat equity. It is easy for you to sit in front of your computer with one hand where it doesn't belong and spew your stupid venom. You are one very sick, bitter individual, SQ. You not only do not add to any discussion, you actually create a vacuum.

sonicwind said...

Indoctrinate 'em at gov't funded preschool day care or at Christian focused drop in centres - what's the diff?

They'll grow up to be either cheaters or liars anyways.

Anonymous said...

Indoctrinate 'em at gov't funded preschool day care or at Christian focused drop in centres...

The public school system indoctrinating them as little socialist automatons is a far greater danger than a Christian youth group.

The Seer said...

I this had happened in Briton, how many of you believe staff of, say, British Midlands, would have gotten bent out of shape by a Minister of the Crown having a bad day? British working class types have a sense of place that seems to be missing in Canada. Who really believes a Minister of the Crown is going to blow herself up in an airplane on her birthday? And if you don't believe that, how do you justify treating a minister like a serving maid? No. In Britain, it would be staff looking for a sacking. Why must Canada be different.