Friday, July 02, 2010

Compare and Contrast: Canada Day and G20 Summit.

What an interesting contrast we have between the protesters at the G20 and the crowds for Canada Day.

The G20 protests cost us a billion dollars to keep the leaders safe. Thankfully no bombs were planted or world leaders were hurt on our soil. What we have are the hurt feelings of protesters who couldn't get a veggie meal in the holding pens. What spoiled little brats with nothing better to do than go and protest....what? We needed huge fences to keep the leaders safe from rioters who burned police cars and smashed windows. Unions used their members dues to protest....what? What were our unions protesting?

Now they are protesting the treatment the protesters received from the police. What wimps, they weren't pepper sprayed, no water cannons, no clubbing like they would have faced in Iran. I have no sympathy for any protesters who were detained for the evening. For those innocent people who were caught up in the round-up, sorry. The protesters created a police state in Toronto because of the bombing of the bank before the G20, they are to blame for all the costs, and we should start making them pay damages.

Then in contrast, we have the Queen visiting Canada and she came to Parliament Hill in a horse drawn carriage, no fences, no protesters (cause they would have been creamed by our vets) very little security. A peaceful day, honouring Canada and our Queen.

I loved watching the Queen and all the people who came together to see her and celebrate Canada Day.

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Bec said...

I too am appalled at the 'poor little me, boo hoo' attitude of these spoiled, disrespectful little thugs.
The big fat wart is on them regardless of their successful molding of the soft on crime politicians, councillors and citizens.
This is a clear example of a city and province's complete morphing into irrelevancy from an international pov.
It will be "Toronto" that people and travellers remember as unruly and unsafe much as how New York was thought of before Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up.

And yet instead of being embarrassed and looking in the mirror, they blame others or permit rich, fat cat unions to continue inciting outrage.

I just hope that someday these unproductive, violent thugs find themselves needing the services of law enforcement and no one shows up to help them.

And as an afterthought, can you imagine the pathetic outrage that would be occurring if that crowd/violence/chaos control had been the Military?
OMG, the decision to not use them was divine intervention.