Monday, July 19, 2010

We Want Fresh Blood!

I voted for Ted Morton, but all the lefties who signed up for PC memberships wanted Dinning, because of the lefties interfering in a PC leadership vote, we ended up with Red Ed.

Even if Red Ed was to retire tomorrow and Ted Morton was made Premier, I would not change my vote. PC's are red liberals. They are done. It's time for new blood. Morton had his chance to lead a new Conservative party, but he chose to stay with a dead party walking. It's too late for him to become the saviour of the PC's.

Kevin Libin: Can Ted Morton be a Wildrose killer?

“Ted is about the only item on the chessboard that would have a chance of reminding defected Tories who are now supporting Danielle, that all is not lost.” Yet, he says, “it certainly hasn’t worked as well as they hoped.”

It may be that Mr. Morton has become a conflicted character. His muscular conservatism has always been his appeal. But in Mr. Stelmach’s Cabinet, he may be suppressing it: His once proudly brandished beliefs in reducing the size of the public sector, linking teachers’ raises strictly to performance, and that the Alberta’s Heritage Savings Trust Fund, represents “eighteenth century economics,” have been quieted. He defended the latest Alberta budget and its record-sized deficits as “the right balance between spending too much and spending too little.”

Sorry, but you only get one kick at the cat, and by sticking with the PC's, Morton has lost my vote.

I don't know if the Wildrose guys/gals will be better, but I hope they will actually be Conservative. That is why I will switch my vote if they run a candidate in my area. The PC's are old and tired, they need to be replaced, and Wildrose is the only option for Alberta.

Morton is like any other politician, he wants power. Red Ed should retire, but he is not smart enough to understand he is hurting Alberta. It is going to be a massive turnaround next election. We want fresh blood!

We need it now! The PC's are stale. It's time for the big shift. Anyone who is thinking about running in Alberta, should think Wildrose, because that is the future of Alberta.


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

No different in Ontario. Randy Hillier is the only true blue conservative.

wilson said...

The view from the inside government is always always more centrist than from the outside, because from the inside you represent the entire province/country, not just those who elected you.

If Wildrose became govt, they would disappoint too.
Once elected, the only way to stay elected, is to compromise.