Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada, My Canada!

(Red Green has nothing on my husband and duct tape!)

We shouldn't only celebrate Canada on one day, we should celebrate it everyday! What a wonderful country we live in. I am so lucky to be a 4th generation Canadian raising my boys in a country that everyone in the world wants to live in. The peace and quiet of Canada can not be disrupted by protesters, unions, media and special interest groups. We can not give them the power to destroy one of the oldest democracies in the world. We are a beacon to all people.

Today, we celebrate Canada, the land and the people who make it great. We are the people who make it great, the mainstream Canadian, raising our families, working hard, and respecting others, while expecting our governments to butt out of our lives and leave us alone.

Canada, my Canada is a great and expansive land made up of caring and dynamic individuals, from the potato farmers in PEI to the salmon fishers in BC. Each region is different and diverse, but by standing together we make Canada stronger. The Olympics showed us how powerful we are as a unified country, it allowed us to show our patriotism, we got to jump up and down in excitement about our Canadian athletes and our country. We felt good about ourselves without being arrogant.

I love Canada, I have a deep respect for the land, it provides us with the opportunity to excel at anything we want or desire. It is up to us to protect what we have, and I want to thank our military for making us safe in a world that is increasingly hostile.

I want to welcome the 95% of immigrants who come to Canada and truly make it their home, the other 5% who care nothing for Canada and it's people, can go back to wherever they used to live, you are not part of the fabric of my Canada.

On this Canada Day, let us celebrate who we are as a nation, a people as diverse and vast as our land, but united in wanting a safe place to raise our families.

Watch out for those fireworks though!


Bruce said...

Great post! Happy Canada Day!

Roy Eappen said...

God Bless Our great Dominion.

bertie said...

We do live in the best country in the world..I cannot understand why the majority of the MSM try to tear it apart and try to pit one region against the other.Protesters we can handle,but the press has outlived it,s purpose with it,s constant gotcha moments .Why they moved away from the news of the day,into tabloid style sensationalism is beyond me.They have shown us all that they are no longer in the news business and are proving it everyday.Enough about the msm scum though,lets all just enjoy the day and celebrate our country CANADA,the greatest country in the world to live in.

Southern Quebec said...

Happy Canada Day. You forgot to mention The Beaver Dog!


West Coast Teddi said...

Happy Canada Day and a great big "shout out" for the HST in BC. gotta pay for our country pride some how eh?

MariaS said...

Happy Canada Day Hunter.
I love Canada too.

I see from the pics that you have a very well kept garden.