Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Mother Wears Army Boots!

Or, protesters wear black boots like the police so that they can scream conspiracy.

Thugs learn by experience.

A sexual predator happened by our old house one day, he exposed himself to the female tenant in the basement apartment. The police knew who he was, and went to his house to apprehend him. He had run home and changed his shoes because the last time he had been caught, the police could tie him to the assault because of his shoes. So, this sexual criminal learned from experience.

Have protesters learned from experience? Seems like it, and the media is all too happy to go along with them as long as it sells papers, or hurts the government. Let me see, activists wearing black including their shoes went wild in Toronto, and they are not to blame for the police rounding them up and holding them in jail? Get real you idiots. What sickens me is that unions have become so politically active on their members dime. Go ahead and protest, but do not use funds from the government (Pride parade) or union members who are forced to pay union dues.

It's time for the silent majority to become vocal and drown out the special interest groups. You do not have to go to a protest to do it, you can email, and most importantly comment on sites like CTV. Lefties are the kings of protests, it's time for us to stand up to a vocal minority. Don't tread on me sounds about right. I am talking about all those lefty activists who shout about anything and believe in nothing.

Your mother wears army boots used to be an insult by lefties, it is now a sense of pride to all our female troops. As far as the stupid people protesting nothing, except themselves, go volunteer at a soup kitchen, then get back to us.

We have the best country on the earth, let's enjoy it, and have some fun.


Alberta Girl said...

They are the kings of protest because most of them don't have real 9-5 jobs that they have to attend, homes, kids or any kind of work that all entails.

maryT said...

Each side will learn from the other. Next time the police might use something to mark their boots that the thugs can't copy. I wish the police has used some fluresent paint to spray the crowds with.
I just hope they took the names of all those detained and keep a tab on them forever. And I hope they have given the names to the US Homeland office, to be denied entry to the US, or permission to fly over it.
How many parents put up 30,000. bail to get their innocent thugs out of jail.