Monday, July 05, 2010

Liberal Elites Still Stinking Up Our Canada

Like most Canadians, I never really paid attention to politics until Adscam hit the news. I had always voted Conservative/Reform/Alliance hoping that one day we would get into power. I thought Paul Martin had been a good finance minister and wouldn't have minded too much if he got elected PM. Well he did, and he was awful. He can try to blame Adscam for his failure, but he was obviously lost without his finance bureaucrats to save his butt.

I know all that appears to be history, but recently CSIS has come out stating that foreign countries are influencing our politicians, especially at the provincial and municipal level. Funny, most politicians at that level are lefties. Even Alberta's MLA's are more liberal than conservative, and I suspect that all those Chinese after our oil sands are offering big money to weak politicians.

Is this unheard of? Nope.

Here is a blast from the past that is interesting reading for those who are just getting into the political scene.

Jean Chretien's ties to China have become more indirect, but no less troubling, since his ascendancy to the Prime Minister's Office. During the course of his reign, China's leadership has embraced his son-in-law, Andre Desmarais, and his company, Power Corporation. Andre is the son of Paul Desmarais senior, Director of Power Corporation and a close friend of Jean Chretien. Andre is married to Chretien's daughter France and serves as the President of Power Corporation's Executive Board.


John Rae was the leading strategist for Jean Chretien's election campaign. He was formerly the Executive vice-president of Power Corp. He is the brother of Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of Ontario.

Bob Rae, while Premier of Ontario, appointed Maurice Strong as chairman of Ontario Hydro. The past CEO of Paul Desmarais' Power Corporation, Strong was appointed to the UN as a senior environmental adviser to the UN secretary-general and Chairman of the Earth Council. His area of responsibility was the Kyoto Accord.

Paul Martin, formerly the Finance Minister under the current regime is considered a shoo in for Prime Minister as Jean Chretien exits the scene in February of 2004. Martin was previously on the board of Power Corp and formerly on the board of Connaught Laboratories. Allegations have been made of Connaught's implication in the tainted blood scandal. Martin and a partner purchased Canada Steamship Lines from Paul Desmarais of Power Corp at extremely favorable terms. Martin later bought the partner out. What obligations does Martin owe to Power Corporation interests once he becomes Prime Minister? Martin registered many of his vessels out of the country in third world registries, thus evading Canadian income taxes. Third world crews working in third world conditions crew his third world registry ships. Canadians must question whether the morality of Martin's evading Canadian income taxes while Finance Minister is a matter of concern.

Jean Chretien's daughter France is married to Andre Desmarais, the son of Paul Desmarais, of Power Corporation. Andre is on the board of multinational communications conglomerate Vivendi. He runs Power Corporation. (estimated annual revenues $18-billion)

And we are supposed to believe that the Liberal party of Canada is clean? Can you not still smell the stink of big business influencing the "ruling party of Canada"? Is the smell still clinging to your nose hairs, making you sneeze? Do you not, at the most fundamental level of your being, still cringe when you think of what the Liberals have done to our country? They still think Trudeau is a hero.... that should clue you in. How come CSIS never mentioned this before? Well Sidewinder was shut down, covered up and buried by the Liberals. What, are you shocked that the Liberals would ignore facts?

Money can buy you anything you want, and it appears that the Liberals have always understood that better than any other political party. Do you seriously think that just because the contribution limit for corporations and individuals is just over $1000 that a corporation as powerful as Power Corp isn't lobbying the present government?

Why did Iggy tell PM Harper that his time was up? It appears that Iggy has been listening to the Liberal elites. The political elites are always sniffing out marshmallows. and they thought Iggy was just right. Soft and fluffy, but when put in the barbeque, he turned brown and shriveled up.


CanadianSense said...

The Pundits Guide has a good breakdown of the Liberals dependency for large donations vs the CPC and Democrats.

I also did a post on their need for the $ 1k donors(35%).

liberal supporter said...

What a laugh. Last week it was "if you keep talking 'dirty oil' we'll sell it all to the Chinese" out of spite. Now it's the bad old Chinese trying to buy off anyone who is left of you.

When it is the right wingers that are most obsessed with money, and are more likely to be bought off because of it.

maryT said...

Must read at BC Blue re goofs iggy made on his first day in China. Somebody did not brief him on protocol, or if they tried he ignored them.