Monday, July 12, 2010

There Is No Honour In Murder!

Honour killings, where's the honour? Who's honour? Some 7th century immigrant male who thinks he is superior to any female? It is disgusting. It does not belong in Canada. You will all nod your heads in agreement, but many will fail to understand the deep fear women live with everyday.

I had the chance to talk with a beautiful young woman from Afghanistan. I mentioned sharia law and her eyes went wide with fear, she stood up and in a very soft voice stated that she hoped we would never have sharia in Canada. I could see her shivering with just the thought that Canada would allow sharia. She was lucky that when her parents immigrated they did it for all the right reasons, and one of those was to escape sharia laws. She is being allowed to integrate into Canadian culture, and understands that females are equal here. She went back to visit her grandma in Afghanistan and when I asked her if she would go back there to help her people, she shook her head no. She liked Canada because it was safe.

I know that males do not understand this issue. My own MP does not understand the fear that women live with because of Islam. In my last discussion with him, he was mad at me because of this blog post:
When a demographic becomes too overwhelming, will it mean changes forced on the minority, like sharia law? Females should be very scared of that happening. Feminists, who trumpeted womens rights should be worried about our female Muslims who are suffering from discrimination and a lack of education. They are considered slaves by Islam, only good for breeding. Well we all know that feminists don't like breeders, so maybe that is why they do so little to defend Muslim women.
He was listening to a Liberal board member, hiding herself as a Conservative (they do that a lot in Alberta, poor things, that's how we got stuck with Stelmach), who complained about my blog, who either spent hours going through every blog post I had ever made to discredit me, or I suspect listened to her Liberal/NDP friend Gayle (who has been suspiciously absent from my blog ever since...guilt???? HA, as if Liberals knew what that was.).

To his credit, my MP doesn't support sharia law, but he also doesn't appear have a clue about how strongly women really feel about the suppression of their rights because of sharia. Even if it is not legal in Canada, you have to suspect it is being practiced. Honour killings are a huge hint!!! DUH!!

Thankfully Rona is doing something about the issue:


You are right, which is why I did not single out Islam.

It is in the interest of ALL religious organizations, and they were quite good at it up until the last 100 years in this continent... it's still common practice in many parts of the world.

Not enough praise can be given to the real feminists of the early 20th century who proudly stood up and said NO MORE.

You would think the horrid oppression of women in other countries would be the main focus of modern feminists, however Western feminism today has more to do with socialism than actual feminism, the fema-nazi's you see today are concerned with equality in outcome rather than equality in opportunity.


6:54 PM on July 12, 2010

Go haunt some other chick who is actually afraid of your Islamic supremacists' drivel. Of course I'm afraid of Islam, as a female I'd be property of men to despose of at will, killed on a whim, denied gender equality and forced to run around dressed in a body bag. What's to like Spioza, I'd rather be dead than forced to convert to the Religion of violence and hate.

Canadian females like SassieLassie have a huge advantage, they don't back down to any male. We have been raised as equal to our brothers, not as fodder for suicide bombs, or slaves to our fathers. Canadian males, including I suspect, my MP, do not understand what Sassy is saying, Islam scares us. It seeks to destroy all the strides we have made to be considered equal, not slaves to males. MP's of all stripes need to stop pandering for votes and start protecting ALL Canadians.


Southern Quebec said...

If Islam scares you, then don't join...

maryT said...

Way off topic, but another senior couple has disappeared under strange circumstances. Hope there is no connection and the latest are found safe.

Jan said...

Southern Quebec --you speak in a very uneducated way. Radical Islam is not a "club" or church group that women (or men for that matter) have the option "to join". In other countries, non-Moslems (infidels) are given a token "opportunity" to convert to Islam, before they are beheaded or executed in some way. The god of the Qu'uran is NOT the same as the god of the Judeo-Christian faith which Canadian laws are founded on. Tolerance is NOT part of radical Islam. For your sake and those of our children, open your eyes.