Friday, July 16, 2010

Horses Versus Daughters

I love rodeos, especially the bull riding, where the bulls usually beat up badly on the cowboys. Unfortunately sometimes, especially with the chuck wagon races, horses get hurt or die.

When that happens, all the PETA people crawl out of the woodwork, and a great cry goes up against the rodeo. Do they not understand that horses love to run? That the bulls usually kick the cowboys butts? That these animals are cared for and loved?

"I'm not a fan. I never have been," said Anderson, who grew up in British Columbia.

Already, two horses have died from heart attacks at the Stampede, one has been euthanized after a shoulder injury and a fourth broke its back from bucking too hard. A rider was also seriously injured.

It's like a side note that a rider, i.e. a human/person was injured. The animals are more important than the humans.

In other news, a mom kills her daughter and walks away. Apparently, horses are more important than daughters.

Putting a Calgary mom who strangled her promiscuous 14-year-old daughter in jail would smack of vengeance, a judge said Thursday, in handing her probation instead.

Justice Sal LoVecchio placed Aset Magomadova on probation for three years ruling the time behind bars sought by the prosecution wasn’t needed.

“The Crown says due to the nature of the act, namely a ligature strangulation and the necessity to address deterrence and denunciation a period of incarceration is necessary to preserve respect for the law,” LoVecchio noted.

“I do not agree,” the Court of Queen’s Bench judge said.

“Deterrence and denunciation may also be addressed without a period of incarceration,” LoVecchio said, in agreeing with defence lawyer Alain Hepner prison wasn’t warranted.

So, an immigrant:

Magomadova sat in the prisoner’s box wiping away tears as a Chechen interpreter translated LoVecchio’s words.
Who can't even speak English, kills her daughter and gets three years probation. This opens the door for every other honour killing. This Liberal judge should be called before a human rights tribunal (isn't that their purpose) to explain how a murder is okay because the person had a hard life in some other country. I am totally disgusted with this ruling. She should be deported back to where ever she came from, she does not deserve to be considered a Canadian.

Liberal judges, ensuring a Conservative majority!


Southern Quebec said...

"It's like a side note that a rider, i.e. a human/person was injured. The animals are more important than the humans."

The human made a choice to go into the ring...the animals didn't! That's the difference.

The_Iceman said...

"I hate that Bob Barker!"

-Happy Gilmore

maryT said...

This woman is a murderer regardless of the reasons. A judge has released her to take care of a disabled son.
He had MD, what kind. Regardless he is probably unable to defend himself if his mother gets another fit of depression. She needs to be deported and the son put in a home that can/will care for him.

Frances said...

Southern - have you ever ridden? Let me tell you, every horse in Stampede is there because it wants to be. A horse that does not want to do what is asked - go into the cows for penning, race in a team for the chucks, or even just buck wildly for 8 seconds - is weeded out long before Stampede time.

I heard from someone at the penning event in which the young woman whose injuries you dismiss so lightly occurred. The horse had been in action only a few seconds before it collapsed totally unexpectedly. The comparable human event would be the young athlete who collapses during hockey, and then is found to have an unexpected and undiagnosed heart condition.

When I can, I watch these events. The animals aren't just slaves performing under duress. Indeed, some of the animals are having a very good time, judging by their attitudes when the've rid themselves of their riders.

If you want all these events cancelled and the animals 'rescued', what plans do you have for the animals?