Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canadian Heart And Soul.

It appears that Iggy is off to England to show his Canadian credentials to Europe. You know, he is going to trumpet how great Canada is because he has been there for what...five years now? He is going to pledge his undying love of.....?????? Right. The guy needs to understand Canadians and he is off to Europe to find that one proud Canadian with a flag on their backpack.

Liberals talk about Canadian values like they are the only ones who know what they are, but they forget about the Canadian heart and soul that makes our country great.

Our heart and soul is those farmers who toil night and day to get food to our tables.
Our heart and soul is those volunteers who donate their time to causes that actually help people live a better life.
Our heart and soul is reflected in the First Nations people who keep their traditions while integrating them into Canadian society.
Our heart and soul beats strongly when one of our hockey teams might win the Stanley cup. (Come on boys, surely one Canadian team can win it back!!)

Our heart and soul is our land. I can not picture Iggy or his wife planting a veggie garden and tending it with love. I can not feel any connection to Iggy and our land. I am talking about Canada here, I am talking about the soil, the earth, the water, the wildlife that make Canada home. I get no sense of home from Iggy. No sense of what makes Canada great. No sense of understanding that Canadians are about the land, the beauty and the inspiration the land brings to your very soul.

While lefties protest at the G20, chanting "the whole world is watching", they leave me cold, they have no cause, they are juveniles coming out of their basements to protest their inability to adjust to real life. They are the misfits of society. If they really wanted to help the poor people of Africa, they would go there and help, but lefties are good at protesting, and very bad at actually doing anything to fix the problems.

The Canadian heart and soul is our land. Those who can feel it, and protect it are the real Canadians. The land has a pulse, you need to stop and listen to it. This land is alive, and Canadians need to keep it that way. We need to be careful of who we put in government, on ALL levels, because one bad decision can suck the air out of the land and leave it desolate.

It is up to Canadians to make sure we protect what makes us Canadian, our vast and diverse land.


The_Iceman said...

Do we know yet if Iggy will be back for Canada Day? Personally, I'll love it if he is abroad on the day that defines our country.

Southern Quebec said...

So, how do you feel then, about Harper letting the US government control who gets on Canadian flights? I don't know about you, but I don't trust the US government to tell us who can get on a Canadian airliner.

Fay said...

Wow , your garden looks great. my garden is growing now but needs some warm weather.

liberal supporter said...

"Suck the air out of the land", eh? Weird metaphor, you must have been aerating you lawn recently!

liberal supporter said...

I finally found how you write your material! Here is your standard operating script.

I find some of your Obama and Ignatieff jokes funny, I hope you enjoyed this one!

Gabby in QC said...

Great post, Hunter. Southern Quebec's diversionary tactic takes nothing away from it.

And I agree with Fay about your garden. Congrats!

East of Eden said...

Ignatieff talks about Canadian values but he has never actually specified what are Canadian values. Besides, he's American, so what would he know, anyway?

West Coast Teddi said...

US government is OBAMA ... but EsQue can't spell "bush". :)

hunter said...

Thanks, we are waiting for the season's first new potato feed!

Most of the green stuff between the rows is dill, it will be cut down and frozen for use in the winter.

Alberta's season might be short, but our soil is so rich that no fertilizers are needed. Maybe it's all that CO2 from the oilsands that gives us an advantage.

The land is rich, we just have to conserve it and use it to advantage. It bothers me that all those environmentalists do is yell. I want to see them planting gardens.

mystereeoso said...

Re:"Our heart and soul beats strongly when one of our hockey teams might win the Stanley cup. (Come on boys, surely one Canadian team can win it back!!)"

Huntsy...did you know the NHL team w/most Canadian born players on its active roster is the Chicago Blackhawks?

Re:"This land is alive, and Canadians need to keep it that way."

Quite right Huntsy. Quite right.Tar sands and all that

Kunoichi said...

"It bothers me that all those environmentalists do is yell. I want to see them planting gardens."

As long as it doesn't involve digging up land that doesn't belong to them to do it.

Eskimo said...

Ahhh, fresh garden spuds cooked in cream and fresh dill!

Eskimo said...

Nice weather around the Edmonton area lately. Daytime highs in the mid to high 20's for the past week, followed by a half inch of rain almost every night.

The crops are looking good too, although I have relatives in Saskatchewan who haven't been able to get on the fields as they've had too much rain. I guess that means no income for them this year, but they're of tough Ukrainian stock, so they will survive!

Jan said...

Thanks for the inspirational post, Hunter. On this eve of Canada Day, I am remembering my great great grandmother who helped teach our Salish First Nations women (on Vancouver Island) to card wool and knit the famous Cowichan Indian sweaters. They, in turn, taught my grandmother many ways to survive in what was a strange land to her. To me, it is so representative of what is good in our country --the value of neighbour helping neighbour, never losing the deep and abiding respect for the richness of this great land. Happy Canada Day!

maryT said...

SQ, the US govt has a no fly list, that means into or out of or over their airspace. Wonder how many thugs arrested last wkend in Toronto will be put on it, once they get the names.
Might just as well stop them from getting on a plane in Canada than have to turn the plane back because they have someone aboard.