Friday, June 11, 2010

A Fox in the Hen House!

CBC is hyperventilating because they might get some competition. The hens are all running around unable to lay any eggs because they are panicked that a fox might grab their eggs (viewers). Why the panic? If you only have 700 viewers, and around 2% of the market, no one cares what happens to you. Plus, they are taxpayer funded so even if no one is watching them, they will still exist.

I think CTV should be the most worried. They need viewers so they can get advertisers and make a profit. They are at risk of having 30% of their viewers leaving the station.

What amazes me is that some lefties are so scared they are already calling for a ban. The station isn't even approved yet, but they are already demonizing it. Typical lefties, only their opinions are allowed to exist.

Funny how no lefties protested Al Jazzera being allowed in Canada, but a semi-conservative station can't be allowed to exist. Are lefties just stupid, or do they not even see their own hypocrisy.

Quebecor planning 24-hour right-leaning network

The title says it all, they just have to alert everyone that it is a "right-leaning" network. Does anyone ever call CBC or CTV "left-leaning"? HA! Thought not.

Quebec billionaire Pierre Karl Péladeau is attempting a major shakeup of television news in Canada, with plans to launch a 24-hour cable channel modelled on the right-leaning U.S. network Fox News.

It is a shot aimed directly at CBC and CTV, which for years have dominated the all-news format in English Canada. For months, Mr. Péladeau's Montreal-based media empire, Quebecor Inc., has been putting together plans for a channel that will tap the same conservative sentiment that has made Fox News a major contender for ratings in the U.S.

It appears that CBC and CTV don't like competition. But really when CTV admits that it's all about gossip, what do you expect?

Bring it on! Let the power of capitalism shine.


CK said...

Oh brother! Most of Canadian media is already slanted to the right National Post with all CanWest papers, about half of the writers from G&M, about 95% of news talk radio shows across the country, CTV, Global Tv. I probably left a few out.

Responsible Media shouldn't be right or left, if you want anything credible.

As for this new Fox News North, well, a concern would be,( very much like the original Fox News which is more than media, it's the right arm of the GOP,)that it would be the right arm of the Cons.

What is it? After wasting tax payers money on fake lakes, living walls, overpriced posters and overpriced security, he would need a 24/7 machine that produces attack infomercials?

Alberta Girl said...

CK - I really hope you are using tongue in cheek with that comment because I just started laughing.... Most of Canadian media is already slanted to the right National Post with all CanWest papers, about half of the writers from G&M, about 95% of news talk radio shows across the country, CTV, Global Tv. I probably left a few out. "

You obviously haven't been really reading and listening to our media - it is a constant Conservative slag-fest (with the odd balanced report thrown in - that usually ends with a "but").

Think Jaffer vs Pablo

Think of Derek Lee's "lobbying" and how that contrasts with Jaffer's "lobbying"

Think of Scott Reids Kill him dead and how the media would have hung onto that comment for weeks and the opposition would have been demanding apologies and firings.

I could go on and on and on CK, and I am sure that many other commenters here have more examples.

For you to say that this new station would be the "right arm" of the Conservatives is hypocritical when my tax dollars are going to the left arm of the Liberal party - the CBC.

You make the comment about wasting taxpayers money on the G8 - that shows me that you don't think for yourself on this, or do any research to get to the true facts, but choose to listen to - in your words - the "slanted to the right" media.

Time for some balance in media is correct - lets hope that we get at least one network that gives the other side of the story.


Martin said...

CK: "all CanWest papers"

This would include the Ottawa Citizen and its crew of female columnists, who never miss an opportunity to demonize the "Harper government". Read Riley, Kennedy, Payne, and most of the male writers to see how often balance towards a conservative viewpoint occurs. To see this paper as right leaning is absurd.

maryT said...

How much have european counries spent over the years on security due to attacks by the terrorists, or protesters. What has it cost insurance companies for claims for bbqed cars, smashed windows, burned buildings.
Canada is spending money on security because we don't want those riots, bbqed cars, etc to happen here. I think a lot of those complaining about costs are afraid they wont be allowed to act like idiots.
If they hadn't acted as a murderous mob at past events and faced no consequences we wouldn't need fences etc.
But, the media feeds on these events instead of ignoring them.
Remember Kady said she could get a rent a mob in minutes via twitter, facebook, and Iphones. Send the bill to her.
CK, I suggest you spend a few hours reading the papers and watching the political shows to get the truth.
A 24/7 news channel, giving both sides of a story, instead of only the coalition of opposition side, is needed.
When every panel is 3 against one you will never get the truth.
When the body language of the anchors shows their contempt for our PM, when they can't use his title, it shows their contempt.

West Coast Teddi said...

With a new Fox North I will have a significant problem deciding with Fox to watch. Must look into a TV with split screen or maybe watch the streaming live on my netbook!!

liberal supporter said...

Must look into a TV with split screen or maybe watch the streaming live on my netbook!!

Need to combine two streams of Fox News?
Problem solved!!

liberal supporter said...

Funny how you shriek about $1 billion over ten years to register firearms, but try to explain away $1 billion G8 security costs.

A billion to make Canadians safer, BAD.
A billion to protect Stephen Harper, GOOD.

Okey dokey.

And you won't be able to prove one life has been saved by the billion dollar summit security.

MariaS said...

Time to buy some shares in Quebecor Inc. The new channel will take off beautifully. Also, fewer Canadians will suffer from high blood pressure.... something that happens to people like me who happen to catch a show or two, accidently, on either CBC or CTV.

MariaS said...

That CK is from the land of unicorns and candy. She has been eating a lot of that special kind of candy for sure. Delusional as always. The media in this country is so bent, they are almost touching the ground on the Left side. Ditzy lefties like CK will never ever see things the way they really are.

GRM said...

Hey, CK - by any chance,do you work for CBC or CTV?

East of Eden said...

Of course, nobody on the left wants to acknowledge one pesky little fact - nobody is forced to watch any particular TV station. Personally, I cut the cable in 1996 and have never missed TV one bit.

East of Eden said...

not that I am agreeing with LS's sentiment as he voiced it but, personally, I would like to see us stop hosting these useless G8 and G20 meetings. They do not improve my own life one iota and they do suck up a lot of resources that could be better spent...or not spent at all. These meeting disrupt the lives of the people who pay taxes in the host cities, they are an extravagent slap in the face of poor or working poor citizens (and taxpayers) in the host country and they are far removed from the reality of every day people.

I may be a Conservative through and through but, as a Conservative, this fake lake etc. is a total waste of money. If these G8 meetings were serious, there wouldn't be any need for frivolity - they'd be too busy improving the lives of us ordinary citizens.