Friday, June 25, 2010

Desperately Seeking A Doctor!

The NDP think our health care system is close to perfect. The Liberals think our health care system is??? Who knows what the Liberals think today. The Conservatives are too chicken to actually change anything for fear of losing the next election.

Canada’s health care better only than America's: report

Canadian health care ranks second to last compared with seven industrialized nations, according to a recent report by a private U.S. foundation that monitors and researches international health-care systems.

All I can say to that, is what took you so long to figure out that our health care system, is broken? I haven't had a doctor since my youngest was born 14 years ago, and I only had one then because I was a "high" risk pregnancy, code for too old to be having a normal baby.

My doctor retired, my kids doctor retired, and nobody replaced them, we were left hanging, and that's how we remain. We use the medi-centers because that is the only option left to us unless we want to go to an emergency room for medical attention. It is really disgraceful. It is broken, and I don't care what the politicians think, I know that we are getting shitty care. As a matter of fact, we are not getting any personal care whatsoever!

Am I shocked that our level of health care is only marginally better than the US? Not at all! What I would like to know is where do all our health care dollars go?


West Coast Teddi said...

Was that the "old US healthcare" or the spanking new O'blamacare? How can Canada now compete when the US spends trillions on health?

BC just anounced that "everyone" will have a doctor by 2015 and spending $137 million to ensure it happens ... NOT. In my town we have 2 lineups at 10 am - the coffee shop and the medi centers. At 1 pm the lines switch places!!

Southern Quebec said... many doctors could we have if we had to give up our "fake lake"?

Kunoichi said...

After changing provinces and moving back to the city, we were without a doctor for a year. We couldn't find any doctor that was accepting new patients. Then someone told my husband about the College of Physicians and Surgions. Here's the Alberta link.

You can use the search function, which is a bit of a pain, or call them directly. Within minutes, I had the names of 5 doctors in our area that were open to new patients. We've been very happy with our doctor - a big deal, considering my husband's laundry list of health problems.

With all our moves, we've dealt with doctors in several provinces, city and country. With a few very minor exceptions (pre-judging based on appearance), we've had wonderful doctors and exemplary medical care. Yes, there's room for improvement, but our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive.