Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama As Dictator?

Well it seems NBC thinks that's a solution to the oil spill.

When asked what President Obama needs to do to prove to Americans that his administration is on top of the Gulf cleanup, Ed Schultz pressed that the President needs to call the shots and go "dictator" in his dealings with BP.

"I think the President has to make it very clear to the American people tonight, Chris, that we're not going to be stuck with the bill on this," Schultz said about the BP oil spill.

"When does the President become a dictator on this?" Schultz asked in an outburst. "When does the President start really calling the shots and saying 'This is the number. This is what you're going to pay. We're not going to let you off the hook.'?"

Yikes, and they think PM Harper has strict control over government? NBC is actually calling for Obama to become a dictator....now that is scary!

Canada should welcome SUN TV News! Don't forget to pledge to view, make sure the CRTC knows we are watching them!

And no, Libby doesn't have to go, she should stick around to remind us of what the NDP really stands for, and it's not tolerance. It's about time rabble got some bad press. They have been more offense than anything you would find at freedominion.ca yet it is freedominion that has had the legal problems along with Ezra, and other free speakers. Where is the HRC hiding? Why do they deserve our money? What purpose do they serve?

Time to shine a light on the blood sucking leeches and cockroaches that have been hiding in the dark...time for the Conservative light to shine down on them.


maryT said...

With libby sticking around as deputy leader, we can see what potential cabinet ministers will be like in a coalition govt.
Bet Layton/iggy are glad the session is about over, adscam back in the news and libby being talked about in a negative way.
If Jack does not remove her, he is admitting he agrees with her.
If he thinks this will go away during the summer I think he is wrong.

Eskimo said...

Haven't you heard, maryT? Iggy is a little miffed that the government would like to pass legislation that could negate the chance of Carla Homolka applying for parole, because it will cut into his scheduled holiday time?

Apparantly he has to rush back home to his house in France to get the slipcovers off the furniture.

Funny how a liberal would rather side with a woman who helped her husband torture and butcher innocent teens than to actually demonstrate he has a pair and is willing to get work done.

Liberals (and thier supporters) continue to prove they are cowards and sissies.