Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do Not Be Afraid.

Do Not Be Afraid of

- mentioning that you are a Conservative.
- taking a stand against the lefties, they are wimps.
- voicing your opinion about abortion.
- wanting less government interference in your life.
- saying no to more government supported socialist programs.
- informing Quebec that it needs to get real.
- making an issue of crime.
- letting your MP know that they are responsible to us, not their party.

Do not be afraid of polls.

I looked at the latest Ekos poll, and found this very interesting.

Look at the under 25 category, a majority would vote Conservative. This bodes well for the future. As for the government going in the right direction? Quebec slants the numbers. They are so used to sucking at the governments teat that they just can't imagine standing up on their own. Good luck with separating, if you don't want to go, the rest of Canada wants you to leave! I suggest we hold a Canada wide referendum, because socialist Quebec will be booted out of Canada so fast, they won't know why they were complaining in the first place. Let the whining begin.

Do not be afraid of standing up for what you believe in. Make your voice heard. Don't wait for the next election to get involved.


Patsplace said...

Not a heck of a lot to argue with there. It's a good thing for people to be encouraged to stand up for Conservative principals.

Keep up the good work.


Alex said...

Good advice. Its working too.

Brian Busby said...

Good on you for standing by your beliefs. Encouraged, I say that my Canada includes Quebec.

A correction, if I may. You write: "Look at the under 25 category, a majority would vote Conservative."

In fact, the poll you cite indicates that 25.4% of those under 25 would vote Conservative, a mere 0.4% more than those who would vote Liberal. What's more, both figures are well within the 7.9% margin of error.

Even if one accepts the figures as accurate, the poll indicates that those under 25 are less likely to vote Conservative - 31.4% being the figure for all voters, regardless of age. Indeed, it is older voters, particularly seniors that bring up the average.

Hoarfrost said...

If Quebec goes, then they go without Rupertsland. That is all the territory drainin into Hudson's Bay. Also other territory further south. They get left with what the started with.

The_Iceman said...

EKOS has the Greens at nearly 13%. There is zero chance the Greens get 13% in the next election. The poll is tainted.

CanadianSense said...

Demographics are important but under 25 is the lowest prirority.

The Liberals only are competitive in Ontario, Quebec Atlantic Canada.

The most important demographic is the 65+. (for turnout)

The 45-64 is second. The West is a wasteland for Liberals. The Liberals derive their seats from GTA, Montreal Island.

In 2014 the democratic reform will make it much more difficult for the Liberals to ever win a minority with the addition of seats out West.