Monday, June 28, 2010

Can You Feel The Hate?

Since when did Harper care about millions of people suffering. Harper only cares about his own political interests. He showed a complete lack of empathy when he broke his word and destroyed the savings of a couple of million seniors who believed him when he said he would protect our savings in Income Trusts. Where was his care and consideration on Halloween 2006? Seems he only cares on the world stage...the expensive world stage with the fake lake. For Harper it's all about polls and that elusive majority.

Harper knows how to be decisive, he's proven that in the past, remember how he walked away from the 5 billion dollars the Americans owed us, he just gave it to them (decisively) in the softwood lumber dispute...( we could sure use that money now)

Stevie stevie stevie, are you not the same guy in Oct/08 didn't see a recession was coming. Took us from $13 billion in the black. To now last count, before this $1.1 billion summit, just for security costs, was $56 billion in the red in only two short years. If these G20 guys have any senses they will be running in the other direction. I want my money back.

Harper is unbelievable. Under his "leadership" (or lack thereof) our deficit has never been bigger. What is he talking about? what an idiot. Is he just hoping to make massive cuts in Canada and pretend its required under terms of the summit. We really need a leader with a brain for a change.

I wonder if Wendy/Kim/Sue/Mary are all the same wacky wonders? Could it be post-abortion disorder? Or are these Harper Haters that stupid? I wonder when the human rights commissions are going to clamp down on these idiots. Oh, right they probably work for them.

Are most Canadians listening? Nope. I watched no TV this weekend, and only had time to read the blogging tories for a few minutes. I was out enjoying the beautiful weather, and pulling weeds from my eco-garden. I think Wendy/Kim/Sue/Mary need to get all their various personalities together, and get out of their parents basement.

If the left had a clue, they would get on PM Harper for his talk about a global economy. The G8/G20 was marred by violence, and all protesters are going to be tarred by the same brush, but their should welcome that, after all their are all about the collective, not the individual.


CanadianSense said...

Why do we expect those angry, intolerant left have a rational mind?

They want to destroy capitalism for a socialist utopia that does not exist anywhere in the world.

Thousands are fleeing those countries and choose Canada as a destination.

The intolerant and hateful left want a free lunch at our expense.

We need to stop coddling these lost souls and hold them accountable for their actions.

Over 700 hundred were arrested. The most of any global meeting.

Kudos to the police. The whiners had some discomfort at the detention centre.

No privacy in the potty, no warm meals...priceless.

maryT said...

So, those poor babies who called mommy and daddy as soon as they got in trouble got to experience some of what they were protesting,dirty water, no food, no heat etc. You would think they would be happy to experience those conditions. Notice the clothes of a lot of the thugs, seems they support corporations like Nike and others. They all had cell phones, another example of supporting a corporation. And I am sure that if daddy come up with bail it is because he works for one of those horrible corporations.
Nice to know all those names are now on record, along with a lot of other info on them. They should be asking, who will be watching me from now on.
Oh, and they called lawyers, funny how they use the law, while breaking it.