Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Class Toronto......

Or not! So far all I have seen reported from the center of the universe, Toronto, is that they do not want the G20 meeting there.

Why not? They didn't seem to have a problem when the unions stunk the city up with garbage. The Tamil Tiger protests shut down huge parts of Toronto, and that was okay, but world leaders coming to Toronto is a problem?

Has Toronto forgotten that trade with these countries is important to Canada? Maybe Toronto should twin up with Haiti instead, they can trade union eggheads for sandy beaches. Haiti needs the business, and nobody will miss some lefty union activists.

Lorne Gunter: If G20 leaders insist on continuing to meet, let them go to a remote base

You say you like the idea of Canada being in charge of the summit every once in a while. Then we could use CFB Suffield in Alberta. It’s 1,500-square kilometres of prairie used by British and Canadian armies to train for desert tank combat. Aside from a few thousand antelope, there is no one around,so no one to toss a Molotov cocktail and no window to toss it at. Sure, Suffield doesn’t have a full-length runway, but one could be built for far less money than the $1B+ being spent to host the Toronto meeting.

I've been to Toronto, but it is years ago, it was cold, impersonal, and culture-less. I don't imagine that much has changed. The money being spent is going to Canadians. We will see beyond the artless scenes to the benefits, but bland, is bland.


CanadianSense said...

GTA citizens are not the problem. The political class and the lazy media have done another wonderful job in distorting the facts for personal gain.

They have spent weeks ignoring the real news for tabloid soundbites.

The Unions, special interest groups (CFS) are given free publicity to regularly protest the injustice by Western democracies.

A few dozen to a few hundred show up is not reflective of the 5.6 million.

How many students are being bused in from all over to inflate their numbers?

The tired old media is forced to replay how the public is behind the Union and special interests.

Let's blame the West. The West is failing the poor countries out in Africa, it is evil capitalism.

After WWII and the rise of Communism and Socialism, Africa and the poor were better off!

Historical revision compliments of a lefty media. Bleeding hearts pushing the "social justice", state control theories.

Carolyn said...

I've been to Toronto, but it is years ago, it was cold, impersonal, and culture-less.

Don't you live in Deadmonton? Now that's funny.

hunter said...

Well Carolyn, at least we have miles and miles of natural river valley right in Edmonton, and we don't have smog days. We are not packed in like sardines into condos and apartments, and we have the best recycling and composting system in all of Canada. We are turning our garbage into bio-fuel while Toronto still trucks theirs into the US for disposal and Victoria uses the ocean for raw sewage. Real appealing!

Us rednecks are too busy shooting squirrels off of our porches while slurping beer to understand what we are missing by not visiting Toronto. I hear Jane and Finch is a real happening place.

CanadianSense said...


Sustainable, responsible Toronto has solved the dumping of their garbage in the U.S.

Toronto bought a landfill site in London, Ontario screwing fellow londoners.


the rednecks in London Ontario are really happy!

Jane/Finch intersection gets all the news but the friendliness is spread much farther.


If you travel West a few km a large number of societal pro Social housing and The

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, you fool. Edmonton has a high Ukrainian population and where Ukrainians and Poles are to be found, the personality of the city becomes warm and the food becomes great. Toronto sucks - and my family lives in the horseshoe. Thankfully, I live well east of Toronto and close to Quebec (which has great food, BTW).

C said...

The media also seems to forget that these state leaders and their personnel change every couple years. If we house them in a military base, do you think they're going to want to come visit Canada when they're out of office? Or would they tell their friends back home about how beautiful our country is if all they see while here is concrete? I think the media is too consumed with hatred for our Prime Minister to see the real value of impressing these guests. And quite frankly I think the 1.1 billion estimate is low for security considering all the disruptive anarchist groups that we have in Canada.