Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BAN All Tankers And Ships!

Seriously, let's not discriminate here, all ships are a danger to the environment, and planes and off shore oil wells, and Liberals.

Let me get this straight. Tankers from Saudi Arabia are allowed to deliver oil to Quebec and Ontario, and it's not a problem, but tankers taking Alberta/Sask oil to China and India is a big no no? Is Iggy serious? Send Canadian money for blood oil out of the country, and DO NOT allow Canadians to sell their oil? This might get them some green and separatist votes, but will kill western Canada, the only engine supporting Ontario and Quebec.

Maybe we should lobby for a law that restricts the east from importing oil from other countries? That would be fair. If the west can't export our own oil to anyone we want, kind of like our farmers can't sell their own wheat, why should the east be able to export their wheat to anyone they want AND import oil from any country they want? Kind of unbalanced there don't you think?

Why doesn't the east buy our oil? The only way we could get them to do that was when Trudeau imposed the National Energy Program on the west so that we HAD to sell our oil to the east at 85% of the world price. It still ticks westerners off.

Iggy, maybe you should check with Mo Strong on this policy, you see, China has invested heavily in the oil sands and I'm pretty sure they expect to get their oil delivered by tanker to them. It's called the free market.

Even lefty Martin of the NP thinks it's a bad policy.

Don Martin: Fear behind Ignatieff’s oil tanker policy

While oil tankers now prowl Canada’s east and west coasts and roll up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal without the public giving it a second thought, Ignatieff’s plan would banish tankers from a safer port in northern B.C. and kill much-needed jobs and investment in the region.

Ignatieff’s vow, should he ever become prime minister, singles out for a ban one vital link — between the oil sands and China’s voracious energy thirst — that would give the oil sands a competitive alternative to an America that views the resource as dirty energy to be priced at a discount.

Environmentalists will never be happy until we are all living in caves, and it appears that's where the Liberals want westerners. Talk about divisive politics, the Liberals have that down pat.

Stop Paul Martins coal ships too then Iggy. Coal is a bigger pollution problem then oil and gas, but the Liberals are quiet about that. Shut down those coal mines, shut down the oil sands (which Iggy says he supports, but not allowing tankers would shut development down), shut down forestry, shut down the asbestos industry, keep western farmers chained to the Canadian wheat board, stop exporting potash, stop diamond mining, the list is endless.

Funny how it's the oil sands that lefties are targeting again. If the US thinks the oil sands are "dirty" and stop importing, then China and India are our next best markets, but no tankers means no oil exports. It's ridiculous. It's ill thought out. It's typical lefty policy, support the special interest groups and give no thought to Canadians and the jobs this policy would kill. Most of all, it is divisive. Shame.


bullpup said...

Mr. Ignatieff might have some explaining when he meets the Chinese President, considering the Chinese just forked over $6 billion to the Sands.

CanadianSense said...

The Liberals have had a wasteland in Western Canada since Trudeau.

Other than the $ 2.00 per vote their strategy is to recapture Ontario-Quebec and East Coast voters.

They will again ask the Green, NDP voters to unite under the Lib banner for the fourth time.

The Western Provinces have already signed a deal for more cooperation for global deals and lowering of interprovincial trade barriers.

Russia is turning the taps off again for unpaid bills (Belarus). Energy is being used a weapon.

West Coast Teddi said...

Tanker traffic on the west coast is a huge dividing issue out here. I am "affraid" to mention my views because they are not the politically correct ones and I would be scorned.

Drill baby drill and move out that oil!

Alex said...

I'd sooner ban Liberals.

liberal supporter said...

Looks like Quebec is trying to separate from the rest of Canada today. Not the people, the land!