Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet!

I feel the earth move under my feet....

Moderate 5.0 earthquake shakes Ontario, Quebec, and U.S.

Glad no one was hurt. The comments are interesting to read.

I was just talking with my kids and their friends today about what 2012 might hold for us, we all agreed we would just have to wait and see. It's interesting to see them maturing and thinking about more than just themselves. They were supposed to be over to study science, so our discussion covered everything from osmosis to global warming, to sun spots, to polar bears, to fresh water, to Edgar Cayce, to Ouija boards and black magic, to creation and God. It was an entertaining and enlightening discussion. Oh, and the young ones aren't buying into that global warming thingy! Good for them.

I feel the sky tumbling down....

News of the quake took me back to Black Friday in Edmonton when the tornado hit, then I saw that Ontario also had one today. Again, thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Midland, Ontario ravaged by possible Tornado

Made me think of this song....

Makes you realize how big our universe is, and what little specks on the earth we really are, and how powerless we are against mother nature.


liberal supporter said...

With all the leaders of the world gathering here this weekend, it was just a reminder from God as to who is really in charge. Given there are two summits, two reminders were provided.

East of Eden said...

It was much ado about nothing. I work in Ottawa and live nearby - downtown shook but nothing in my house moved - pictures were straight, too. To hear Toronto talk about it - the city was devastated. My mother lives outside Toronto and she said there was nothing - she only found out about it on the news.

Patrick Ross said...

Ready for a laugh?

Look what the resident lunatic of Progressive Bloggers has to say about this post:

"Hunter is all proud that she raised uncaring and dishonest youngsters. What a pathetic excuse for a mother! Telling them lies. And again, Hunter, you lie, because like most today’s conservatives, you too love to see people suffer and if you’re teaching your kids this (and you probably are) then you’re an unfit parent!"

First off, I'd suggest that CK take a second look at who seems to gloat when their ideological rivals experience misfortune.

Secondly, she accuses your children of being "uncaring and dishonest" because they don't share her opinion.

In actuality, it would be dishonest if they claimed to share CK's opinion even if they didn't. But it seems that basic logical details like this have managed to evade the ugly little bigot under the ugly little hat.

Last but not least, how is it that progressives just can't seem to leave other people's children out of ideological disputes? It's bloody scary is what it is.

L said...

Life is precious and fleeting. Our work life always had and still has tragedies, most not so preventable, no matter how many privacy-intrusive rules one makes. How many children were snatched by wolves in early Canada? Lots. How many men who worked the shanties were killed by trees? How many died from diptheria and TB before we had vaccines and treatments? A decent and hard-working woman I knew, who I did not like a whole lot personally, has the mis-fortune to be driving beside a truck with rocks on it. A rock fell off and ended her life in her prime. Sad and unpredictable. People drown or have recreational accidents, even those who are not being neglectful. Some people who lead healthy lives die early.

hunter said...

Patrick, quit going over to the dark side, they are very confused people over there.

Patrick Ross said...

In CK's case, confused with very severe anger management issues.

Personally, I weep for whatever special needs teacher failed her so badly.