Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Alberta Won't Separate.

Right now the western separation movement is quiet because we have a Conservative government. If a coalition forms, expect the west to rise up in protest. I wonder if we will be allowed to break windows like the G20 protesters. Funny how protesters are not a symbol of freedom of speech anymore.

Why Alberta Won't Separate? Simple.....

That's right, the Queen. Albertans are deeply patriotic and our ties to the Queen are very important to us. I know that's not very "progressive" but tradition is important. It's not just Conservatives in Alberta who support the monarchy, other provinces do as well. The difference is that Quebec uses the monarchy as a reason to separate, while Alberta is kept back because they love the tradition so much.

I am glad to see our Queen visiting Canadians. It will be great to have her here for Canada Day.


Southern Quebec said...

It's time for the Queen and all her family to go! We should not be supporting (ie paying) someone who spends their life smiling, shaking hands and opening shopping centres.

In this day and age it is silly. They can stay if they want, but they have to pay their own pay.


maryT said...

There are two moments from yesterday I wish would be repeated.
First, while waiting for Her, and getting ready to meet and greet, the PM and his wife were walking up the red carpet, holding hands till they had to start shaking hands.
Then, the native girls singing Amazing Grace in their language, just beautiful.

West Coast Teddi said...

I like the Queen and the Royals and want them to stay as the head of Canada. As a tax payer, I support the expenditure of funds.

guess it's a "draw" Esque?

The_Iceman said...

I don't support the separation of any province from Canada for any reason. I don't care if Jack Layton becomes Prime Minister and shuts down the oil sands, I will be mightily pissed off at Alberta if this were to happen.

liberal supporter said...

Everybody likes the Queen. Some don't like the costs of her visits. Even in Britain there is a large republican minority who dislike the costs.

But she is a necessary reminder that the demagogues who wield political power are not the Head of State. The constitutional monarchy is effective to prevent the kind of cult of personality that Harper has tried to develop, though only with his base. You see Liberals carping about their own leader, while the CPC has the personality cult thing down so well they would make Brezhnev blush.

Frances said...

Ice - you'd be more than pissed; you'd be impoverished. That would plunge Alberta into seriously have-not status, and B C would be on the hook!!