Sunday, February 13, 2011

And They Blame The Toronto Councilors?

Okay, with one ear I heard about the OCAP protest that shut the budget meeting down, but I didn't really pay it any attention. Then I saw this:

And this:

And this:

Thanks to Eye on a Crazy Planet for showing the truth of those protesters.

What a bunch of juvenile idiots. Free speech has it's limits. Those police should have been able to yap right back at the spittle producing leftists. Yet the media thought Ford telling them to get a job was over the top? Did they air any of this protest? Did they hear the protesters profanity?

I wonder if an elderly woman had hit one of those mouthy protesters, if she would have been arrested, because that's exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to shout back at those fools that they needed to quit whining and get a job. I wanted to wade right in there and yell right back at them. I suspect, I would have been arrested if I had done that.

Listen to them yelling "don't hit me, don't touch me"! When they don't get hit or touched, they get aggressive against the police, and the police just have to stand there and take it, that is not right. The police should be able to escort them all out into the street, where they are free to protest all they want.

What this shows is the ugly leftist politics of activism. Just like when they shut Ann Coulter down, it shows how intolerant the progressive lefties really are. They do not stand for freedom, they stand for bullying. They are doing such a great job that people are switching their votes from the Liberals and NDP to the Conservatives. So, keep yelling, keep looking like idiots, you are only hurting your cause.


Bing said...

They certainly do have a right to speak and I would fight to my death for their right to say what they wish to say, but in the proper venue. They were not duly elected to speak in counsel period, unless invited. They were not invited.

They should speak outside if they wish to protest. That I support, but I do not support their fomenting undue harrassment as they did at the G20.

I am extremely upset at the media left and right who were arrested at the G20. If you think that your cameras at the front lines were not intimidating and fomenting whatever, then think again.

The full force of the law should have fallen on the cameramen of the Toronto Star, The National Post, The CBC and CTV.

Anonymous said...

Bing: Are you saying that the media should have been arrested? Your rant is not clear...

Top Can said...

Is "People vs. Rob Ford" even an appropriate title? I doubt these people represent the actual people of Toronto anymore than Jackie Chan represents all Chinese people.

liberal supporter said...

Not sure why OCAP are now "lefties", considering they used to do the same invading council when Miller was mayor.

It was funny hearing the Fords saying "get a job" to these guys. Considering that the Fords have never had real jobs either, given they either work for the government, or live off Daddy's $100 Million a year company.

If you think that your cameras at the front lines were not intimidating and fomenting whatever, then think again.
Intimidating? How exactly does a camera intimidate someone carrying a GUN? Silly.

By the way, I don't support OCAP at all. They don't actually help the poor, just try to rabble rouse them for protests for their own purposes.

Once the Fords have sold off all the city's assets, they will return to their businesses which will be able to really start raking in the cash selling services to the city. For example, the city doesn't want to pay the new rate for garbage pickup? What will they do? Will someone else with hundreds of trucks bid on it? No, the city'll pay. They'll whine about how they got a low price for the first contract, and how could the contractor now gouge them, but they'll pay. Worse than having a union with a stranglehold.