Friday, February 18, 2011

When A Rape Victim Gets Raped Again!

The awful news that a reporter covering the story in Egypt had been sexually assaulted hit me hard. A woman can be career-minded and independent in America, but it is so much harder for women in Afghanistan and Iran and now Egypt to succeed because of a male dominated society that thinks women are not worth as much as men. So, how did people react to the news of her brutal assault? Badly!

This video mentions a Nir Rosen, who is this guy and why would he tweet such brutal stuff?
Here is a video of his views on various issues:

Does anyone else think he is Muslim? Well, he isn't, he's Jewish. Earlier Wednesday, Rosen resigned from his fellowship at New York University's Center on Law and Security. Now that he has lost his job, he is remorseful, sort Anderson Cooper destroy this guy.

So a female reporter gets raped, and she gets blamed. Hope all those feminists rose to her defense....they didn't? What is it with lefties, they say they support women, but fail to do so every time.

Women, especially Conservative women are verbally attacked all the time. Think Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, and in Canada, Rona Ambrose, Christie Blatchford, Bev Oda, Helena Guergis, Leona Aglukkaq, and Lisa Raitt. The lefty coalition might want to tone their attacks on females down, it is pushing women towards voting Conservative. If they haven't seen the big shift in female votes towards the Conservatives, who am I to tell them that their treatment of Bev Oda is disgusting women in all provinces. PM Harper's strong support of his female Minister under attack is attractive to females, who are looking for a strong leader that makes them feel safe.

So keep up the attack on a female Iggy along with your journalists, it will make us women more determined than ever to make sure you do not get into power anytime soon. Who wants MP's that verbally insult women in order to get a few votes? The lack of respect shown to Oda has gone beyond disgusting, it is an all out brutal attack against a woman, and you should all be ashamed.


maryT said...

I think all the media and opposition mps have been taking courses in how to be ignorant from those guys at MSNBC. Wonder which one of them has a tingle up his leg thinking he is going to get Harper.
Problem for him that tingle will turn into a tinkle down his leg when the elections results come in and Oda is re-elected with a larger majority than last time (54%) and the PM has his majority, and Que is left out in the cold.

Southern Quebec said...

maryT...seriously creepy, no really...

maryT said...

By being left out in the cold I refer to the blocmail attempt by Giles. And that we will keep our seats there and maybe gain a couple.
But, Quebec will never be the power in Govt that they were with the libs and Brian.
Question, as it is liberal policy to switch from an English leader to a French Leader, who will succeed Iggy from Quebec.

MONSTER said...

Bohomme. Better than any of those Liberal clowns.Or if they break with tradition since iggy isn`t English or French but a Russian count get the best lib clown of all. Heddy Fry.

MONSTER said...

Bank to topic lefties have a long tradition of making light of a womans tradegy. As for that scum being a mohamadan. Well today I saw a facebook screen shot of his son in a hasbolla t-shirt that he has since taken down. How long till he becomes the victum. What a .........!