Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Biased Media Rumour Mongering...Again

Top story on Global Edmonton tonight? This piece of garbage reporting:

There are reports that the federal government is considering using tax dollars to help pay for a new NHL arena in Quebec City.

The Harper government is considering allowing part of the federal gas tax revenues to be used for construction of large entertainment centres, such as the one proposed for Quebec. (bolding is mine)

A rumour leads.....a rumour! Is considering, might happen, may be traded, might be warming? Can you say garbage reporting, fear mongering, talking heads? They made sure to put Quebec's arena front and center. They even interviewed our mayor and citizens on the street about the rumour.

Global Edmonton should be seriously ashamed of this reporting of a non-story. Normally they are good at reporting the news and not making it up. Even my non-political husband noticed the biased reporting on this issue. Shame on Global Edmonton, you know better. Do they have a new producer? Maybe from Toronto? Not sure but I was totally disgusted by their reporting on a rumour, and making it the headline news. Make sure you tell them their rumour mongering is not appreciated.


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If I posted a rumour that an unnamed source in the Liberal party had confidentially told me that Ignatieff is considering leaving for Harvard in April, I would get called on it, asked for proof, and maybe sued for nothing more than being a Conservative blogger with an opinion.

So make sure you call out those powerful slithering, leftist TV stations when they fear monger by spouting rumours! (Taking my writing style from the far-far leftist Mallick.) I know it needs work, I'm not as good as her at using terms like slithered and spouting, but the feminist's have years of experience, time for us REAL women and REAL men (no metrosexuals) to start fighting back. We don't have to protest at Parliament to make our voices heard, we can use blogs, facebook, and email.

Let's start targeting organizations like the SOWS that we want revamped or just gone. One organization at a time until they are disappeared. Which organization should go first?


The_Iceman said...

Let's build the rink. I want NHL sized arenas in every Canadian city, but that's just me...

Southern Quebec said...

If the NHL needs a new rink, let the NHL pay for it. I understand that they guys that use these rinks make a lot of money. Maybe they could kick in a few bucks...

CanadianSense said...

It is funny if a single Conservative MP voices an opinion the MSM run with it as it must be government policy or they are trying trial balloons.

Could it be that some MPs support the rink from every party?

It is funny watching the MSM trying to create a story with hours of analysis based on little or no evidence.

Our media has become the new manufacturing industry.

West Coast Teddi said...

I am considering winning the lottery, press release to follow!

Typical reporting. Should any community want a hockey rink let them pay for it but I agree with Ice. Canada's game needs more arenas and teams so like health care lets have the government pay for it (sarc off just in case LesQue missed the point)

maryT said...

Considering that the crtc has recently ruled that one can publish stories with no truth to them, as long as they don't cause injury of some kind, seems Global and others have taken that as gospel.

MONSTER said...

Darn it here I am agreeing with SQ again. The NHL is a for profit buisness. If I want a new shop or to upgrade equipment I dont expect your tax dollars to pay for it. And it would be nice if the Oilers would win a gae now and then.

MONSTER said...

Sorry "game"

Southern Quebec said...

See your heart of hearts you are a small "L" liberal. Welcome to Sanity!!!

hunter said...

No, SQ you are a classic Liberal who now has no home as the progressive Liberals shift far-left.

Your first statement today was conservative, (I was going to say that this morning, but I was running late and didn't have time)you need to come out of the dark now, and join us!