Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

No, not Obama, but a truly great President, Reagan. What a gift he was to America. Democrats love Kennedy, a womanizing President, guess that's why they still like Clinton, no morals seems to get the Democrats all warm and fuzzy. A man of principle and honesty, like Reagan is despised by Democrats and the media. I guess anything Conservative is a threat to Democrats, because it's hard to impose socialism on a country that stands for individual freedom. Ronald Reagan stood for free enterprise and less government.

He also had a great sense of humour:

If you can't get enough of Reagan, a speech he made in 1980 still applies to today. It is worth listening to:

Then compare it to Sarah Palin's speech during the election:

Funny how articulate Sarah was until the media told you she wasn't. People bought into the media's image of Sarah, they still do. It is frightening how much power the media still has on people. It is time for people to take to their keyboards and reverse the power of the media. Seriously, who actually goes out and buys a paper anymore?

I salute you President Reagan, you were an honourable man, at a time when America needed you.


Southern Quebec said...

There was a lot to love about Sir Ronnie:
(1)Raised taxes 7 of the 8 years in office;
(2) Tripled the federal deficit;
(3) Unemployment jumped to 10.8% (higher than now!)during his tenure;
(4) He illegally funnelled weapons to Iran, and last but not least:

(5) He sent weapons to the Taliban!! Go Ronnie!! (He must be in a very special place for that.)

bertie said...

Well Southern Quebec look what your premiers and your famous FN Trudeau did to Canada.Don,t try to shit in someone elses house until you wipe your own ass.

Fay said...

Well said Bertie!

Southern Quebec said...

Bertie: This is a family swearing allowed! FN Trudeau? Quoi?

MONSTER said...

Darn Bertie, now see what you have gone and done. Now I have to agree with SQ. Lets discuss and debate but lets keep it civil and clean. No need to go into the gutter.

bertie said...

Got no brain of your own monster.If you agree with SQ then say it.Don,t blame it on me.FN is French nincompoop that's not dirty.

hunter said...

bertie, harsh.....but true!

Too funny, sorry I'm not going to get my socks in a knot over the use of the word ass. SQ can hold her own.

maryT said...

SQ, is there a FB page objecting to Charest shutting the doors. I fully expected to see at least 200,000 signed in by now to call him -pick your choice of comments re PMSH-
Are there demonstrations in the streets of Quebec. Didn't think so.
Funny how anti PMSH comments fail to mention that the world has changed since then. You can't use today's standards for actions taken in the last century. Unless you are a liberal or bloc supporter.

Southern Quebec said...

hmmmm...seems to be a double standard in play on the swearing thing. I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! (But not surprised.)

MONSTER said...

Still got to agree with SQ. Not about Ronaldus Magnus but about the swearing thing. Bertie you comment was crude and infantile. As for the brain? Well just call me the scarecrow.

Anonymous said...

It's still Hunter's house, SQ. She's free to enforce or change the rules at her discretion. I mean, come on....she still lets you in....albeit through the doggy door!