Monday, February 07, 2011

Max, Get's My Respect!

You have to love a guy who speaks his mind and takes it from all sides. I agree with Maxime, and I have to respect his clear stand on a very controversial subject. Bill 101 is not about Quebec's need to preserve French, it's about Quebec being insecure, and arrogant.

The Prime Minister’s biggest quandary is that he can hardly discipline his charismatic MP from the Beauce for expressing opinions he used to (and probably still does) hold — namely the state should not coerce people into making decisions that concern their personal lives.

Before he united the right in 2003, Mr. Harper could often be heard spouting off about bilingualism (“the god that failed”) and Bill 101.

Hello, get the state out of our lives. Ivison makes it sound wrong to want less government control of our lives. He makes snarky references about PM Harper "spouting off" and the catty little ("the god that failed") remark shows a serious lack of deep thinking by a journalist, but why am I surprised?

Maxime has the right to have an opinion just like any other MP or individual. You can agree with his opinion or not, but he has as much right to "spout off" as Ivison does. Check out the comments, Ivison is not doing very well.

I think Max is a breath of fresh air. He has some good ideas, and it is nice to see an MP from Quebec care more about Canada then just his province. So much for PM Harper muzzling his MP's. I wonder why Ivison didn't mention that? Oh, right that wouldn't fit with the media's agenda. Cry about PM Harper being a bully and keeping a tight rein on his MP's, then when a Conservative MP does speak up, slamming him as a renegade and a "problem" for PM Harper. Can't have it both ways MSM, or you just look like idiots....oh wait.


Hoarfrost said...

I like what Bernier stands for in the most part with only minor pro Quebec quibbles. I know I am not as libertarian as he is. I am not a Quebecer but Quebec is part of my Canada. J'habite a cote de Toronto. Our nation would not be as egalitarian without the reality and the ameliorisation of the francophone fact.

Sometimes it is difficult to speak the truth, as one sees it, when all about you are unconsciously spouting some wayward party lines.

Maxime has my respect also. I hope that we can continue to hold him in the coast to coast "big tent" Conservative bosum.

The_Iceman said...

That was an excellent rant! I think he should be allowed his opinion, but really the downside risk of drafting federal policy to retract that law is greater than the upside benefit. You just can't make this policy.

CanadianSense said...

If nothing else, Max drives them nuts and I am for that.