Friday, February 04, 2011

Crossing Eygpt Off My Want To Visit List.

I loved the idea of Egypt; camels, mysterious pyramids, ancient historical sites, but now I have no desire ever to visit. I can look at pictures and read books instead.

I have great sympathy for the people of Egypt, they deserve a free and open country as much as everyone else does. Democracy is hard to achieve, and even harder to maintain. Canadians take it for granted. The last threat to our democracy was the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition, we too took to the streets in protest, and luckily the Governor General realized that a government that excluded the party with the most votes and the most MP's would be a misrepresentation of voters intentions. Egypt has no such fail safe position. The protesters can force a change of government without Egyptians actually voting for the people that get put into power. They will only be changing one dictator for another, maybe harsher dictator. It will not be a democracy.

Who is putting himself up for the new leader of Egypt? One ElBaradei. Who does he hang with?

Self appointed spokesman for the Egyptian "revolution" Mohamed ElBaradei is not a man to inspire confidence in pro-Western circles.

Tariq Rauf
As head of the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency (1997-2009) ElBaradei cultivated a circle of advisers, a "kitchen cabinet" - that included an accused Russian spy, Canadian national and IAEA Verification and Security head Tariq Rauf.

However it is ElBaradei's service on the Board of the International Crisis Group that should really set alarm bells ringing.
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Southern Quebec said...

Stephen Harper proroguing parliament = Egyptians wanting dictator gone

funniest thing you have ever written. Mazel tov!

CanadianSense said...

I am impressed with SQ calling the Liberals pro-Stephen Harper supporters.

I applaud SQ defence for the majority of MPs that REFUSE to vote no confidence that might trigger an election.

SQ can't explain the record why both the NDP and Liberals are 1/7 in by elections.

SQ can't explain why his party is down 30% in fundraising.

I applaud how his party has spent 2010 flip flopping on their own motions and support our PM in over 100 votes.

Southern Quebec said...

CanadianNonsense: WTF! Denial is not just a river in Egypt. How much do the PC's pay you to regurgitate the party line on all the Cdn blogs?

You shouldn't assume that I vote Liberal...srsly.

liberal supporter said...

the Governor General realized that a government that excluded the party with the most votes and the most MP's would be a misrepresentation of voters intentions.
Baloney. She did not have that as a question to deal with. The problem was that Steve had NOT actually lost a confidence vote at that point. The GG had no choice but to accept his request to prorogue, since there was no proof he had lost the confidence of the House. Similary, the previous GG did not have to pay attention to Harper's own letter in 2004, in which he pointed out proposed a coalition with the separatists of his own, because at that point the Martin government had not lost a confidence vote either.

Why is Steve ok with the Israeli government being a "coalition of losers"? Except IOKIYAC?

You know, the best part of the Egypt situation is that we're not hearing from the Quitbull these days. Apparently she's still trying to figure out how a country, Egypt, could be part of another country, Africa.
Actually, I read that she says she's keeping quiet, so nobody can blame her for the situation in Egypt. Typical, trying to make the story about herself. Reading between the lines, it becomes apparent she is absolutely flummoxed though. Can you imagine her trying to say anything intelligent in this crisis?


Southern Quebec said...

I think it's because she can't see Cairo from Wasilla!

JR said...

Left/lib losers. You know they've got nothing when they resort to lame Palin slurs, as if she had any relevance. And they always resort to lame Palin slurs.

Hunter, I was lucky enough to visit Egypt in the 80's. Spectacular sights (and sites). Thanks to Mubarack it wasn't too dangerous. Lawrence Solomon had a good piece on Mubarack today. If he's pushed out, all bets are off on Egypt as a tourist destination again any time soon.