Monday, February 14, 2011

About Those Polls.

It makes me laugh that no matter how hard the lefty media shrills for the Liberals, they continue on a downward trend, both of them. No matter how many hands Ignatieff shakes or how many times he misses Parliament to travel Canada, the Canadian people are not buying it. I am sure that the Ekos and IPSOS surveys represent an accurate picture AT THIS POINT in time.

The ads have helped frame Ignatieff as just visiting, and in it for himself. Even my Liberal parents think that way. The threat of an election when Canadians don't want one is probably the main reason for the uptick in the Conservative numbers.

Working into Canadians consciousness is that sneaking suspicion that a coalition would happen after the next election if the Conservatives only win a minority again. People might not list that as the number one reason for supporting the Conservatives, but it is percolating just on the outer rim of people's minds.

The Bloc DEMANDING more money for Quebec, is so arrogant and distasteful to the ROC that PM Harper has to come out strongly stating that Quebec should not get more money than the 8.6 BILLION they already get from the ROC. If all cultures are equal according to our Charter of Rights, then Quebec is equal to Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, not better. Interesting thing from the surveys is that the Conservatives now poll higher than the Liberals in Quebec after saying NO to the arena. That should be a big hint to the Conservatives. Stand your ground and do not pander to Quebec, they will not respect you for it.

Also interesting is that women are giving the Conservatives the nod. I guess not all women are lefty feminists. Can we expect an election in the spring? I'm still not sure, as the polls could shift again. I don't really want one, but I'm ready to door knock when it becomes necessary. Edmonton NDP MP Linda Duncan is going down, no matter how many NDP university students she recruits!!


The_Iceman said...

Solid post!

Fay said...

I always enjoy reading your post. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

maryT said...

According to a former liberal minister they are counting on ndp voters to vote liberal to give them a minority.
The Bloc has stated it will support a coalition if another minority conservative govt is elected. NNW has both these stories.
What if the Bloc and NDP decide to form a coalition to lead the opposition, poor iggy.
Rae on tv for 20 minutes re Oda. They are demanding her resignation. I thought libs were very female supportive, so why have all there attacks been on female ministers. If she resigns, I hope the PM dissolves that position.
I think this attack on Oda, and the letter Bison sent to the speaker charging her with contempt of parliament will backfire big time on the liberals.
So where is the law that a minister can't change their mind.

liberal supporter said...

So why have all there attacks been on female ministers
But maryT, you were just moaning last week about attacks on John Baird. Isn't he a guy?
Silly you. You even whined that someone only audible to the camera said "kill him" and Iggy was somehow pulling a Palin because he didn't rebuke whoever it was, despite the fact he couldn't have heard it. Don't you remember?

So where is the law that a minister can't change their mind.
Work it, maryT! They really need you to spin this one. Of course nobody is disputing her actual ministerial powers, such as making a decision or changing her mine. It's just that ministerial power doesn't extend to falsifying documents.

When you change the amount on a cheque, you initial it. When you change the terms of a preprinted contract, you initial it. For someone in the bookkeeping business, you're doing a great job of being willfully obtuse about standard rules for documents. Does CRA share your attitude about altering documents?

Have you been spending too much time at neo's? You know, the guy that deletes my comments, then posts a modified version purporting it to be my words? So is it ok to alter documents already signed by other people to reverse the meaning? IOKIYAC?


maryT said...

Chris Hall on cbc just now said,'it has now been revealed,that Oda was out of the country when the document was was done by 'electric pen',did someone else do this?

LS, put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Still waiting for Pablo to be rebuked for his drunken driving.
Oh, did you see the latest decima poll and the poll in NL. Poor iggy/layton going down, down, down.

liberal supporter said...

Electric pen, eh?
I knew it. All the electric pens are operated by the PMO.

Your minister lied.
Your minister falsified a document.
If she wants to blame someone else, then she has no business being minister.

Put that in your pipe, you right wing crackpot.

hunter said...

ls, watch your mouth this is not rabble.

Just another "scandal" that has the coalition and liberal media squawking. The Liberals do tend to pick on Conservative female MP's. I would like to see Wayne Easter show that tape of Helena at the airport, I wonder why he hasn't?

maryT said...

just wondering if LS is the working in the pmo as he seems to know who does what. This is just another case of liberals going after a visible minority woman, like the did when they kicked out the sitting mp to make room for the dud.

maryT said...

Bev Oda, saved tax payers 7 Million , and the Liberals want her fired? No wonder the Tories are at 40% in the polls and rising and the Liberals are now below 25% and falling.
And the latest decima is out again showing huge lead for our side.
And a tory wins in NL to take Danny's seat, and the PM has gained a huge lead in NL and the ndp have gone from about 46% to 7%. Same for libs, down down down.

hunter said...

Good points MaryT!