Sunday, October 02, 2011

Alberta's Next Premier....Who Cares?

At least it is a close race and Mar is not the outright winner.

The nail-biter of a race saw Alison Redford and Gary Mar tied for the PC leadership.
With 62 of 85 constituencies reporting, the two opposing figures sat nearly tied, with Mar holding 40% of the vote, and Redford capturing nearly 38%, causing some to predict a close finish.
Seriously, I couldn't care about who the next premier is, because the PC's are dead. They have become Liberals and are trending NDP. Nothing about them is Conservative. 

Good luck next election PC's, The reason your voting numbers are so bad is that no-one believes you anymore. Go Wild!!!!


fernstalbert said...

Now the cleansing will begin. The PCs will be swept - and Wildrose will become Official Opposition or minority government. Cheers.

maryT said...

I wonder if the losers, jumping to Mar, knew in their heart their voters would not follow. Or were they hoping to stay in cabinet.
Still almost 70,000 voters from last time did not vote. Too bad a tory has already jumped to the liberals as leader.
Mar picking ndp orange for his colour didn't help him.
When will she call the govt back into session. How many will leave caucus or resign if they are not given cabinet posts. 3rd time a loser has come out a winner.

Calgary Junkie said...

is Monte Soleberg, interviewed on Sun News Network Sept 21st:

“… there is a lot of speculation that Alison Redford, in particular, the second place contender, could find support, perhaps from Provincial union workers, believe it or not, for coming out, you know, to stop Gary Mar, because he mused publicly about private health care …”

And, as I posted back then on BLY, a Ted Morton scrutineer noticed that there were many Liberals who took out memberships to vote for Gary Mar.

This dynamic, of the lefties (led by public sector unions) taking over Parties from within is deeply disturbing. It seems like they are perfecting their tactics.

Yes, we have the Wildrose to fall back on. But the lesson for the CPC is ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET THIS KIND OF BULLSHIT HAPPEN TO OUR PARTY !!!

maryT said...

She campaigned on change so if she keeps the present cabinet, without major changes, where will the change come from.

Joe said...

The leadership race boiled down to Tweedledum, Tweedledummer and Tweedledummest.

If I could have motivated myself to pick any of the three and my civic duty was vastly outstripped by my distaste for any of the candidates I would most likely chosen Redford. Not that I will ever vote for her but rather the alternatives were just that much worse. Mar makes my skin crawl. Horner is only slightly to the left of Karl Marx. Which leaves Redford. The best part of her selection is that she at least has a seat in the house. I hope that she runs out Special Ed's term before calling a general election and if she is the disaster I think she will be the evidence will be in and Alberta can turn the page on a very stale dated government. Needless to say I'm going to vote WRA in the next election.

West Coast Teddi said...

My "green" daughter paid her $5 and went and voted. she had heard that Mar was against charter schools and Redford wrote to her school in support so that was enough. Daughter will never "again" vote AB-PC and will move back to anything green. In her mind it was a well worth while $5 investment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Alberta Teachers' Association, we now have a socialist Premier.

If party memberships were say $20, I'm sure teachers, who are notoriously cheap, would not have voted.

Just wait for the inevitible saber rattling from the ATA. Oh, and the nurses' union too.