Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scrap the Gun Registry, CWB, and CBC!

Okay, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

CTV really shows their left bias with this piece. Go to the media clip called "Debating the Registry's end".
Brian Rahilly of the Dawson College Gun Control Coalition says getting rid of the registry is not in the interest of Canadians. Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association says the registry is nothing but an endless sinkhole of money.
Leftist Rahilly is ripped apart by Bernardo. Rahilly is your typical lefty, he sneers at the west, blaming us for getting rid of the gun registry. He smacks a pen constantly as if it will make his point for him. It is a must watch because the host....what's his face....gets all sanctimonious when Bernardo mentions the Conservative majority.  He points out that it is not a majority in the "popular vote" and Bernardo smacks him down as well. A bad day all round for lefties. 

Goodbye useless gun registry. I don't own a gun, but I did have some fun at the West Edmonton Mall shooting gallery. 

Don't mess with Conservative women, we can aim straight, shoot down lefties with our superior thinking and best of all, do it while cooking supper for our families without feeling inferior like feminists. 

Another Conservative promise has been kept. Next is the choice for western farmers by taking away the CWB monopoly. The CWB is sucking the blood out of our western farmers, enough is enough. Funny how the lefties want to keep western farmers down, they are obviously too stupid to see that western farmers are being oppressed by a government run organization, or the lefties think it is just fine to oppress our western farmers because they tend to be Conservative. Lefties really are slimy and unprincipled. 

After the CBC's stupid ambush of Mayor Ford today, they might be next on the chopping block, and I would welcome that decision. How arrogant, how stupid. You do not "ambush" a 6 year old child because her father is the mayor. Keep digging that hole CBC, I'm waiting for you to reach China, that should be an interesting end to your political agenda. 
Glad the gun registry is on it's last legs, just like the Liberals!


Southern Quebec said...

"...shoot down lefties with our superior thinking..."

Pretty much says everything you need to know about Conservatives.

BTW...There was a shooting at Dawson College. Someone was killed. Probably a lefty, but still...

Alberta Girl said...

"blaming the west for getting rid of the gun registry..."

Pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know about Quebec and lefties SQ.

BTW - there are profs at Dawson College ...definitely lefties, but still

There that made about as much sense as your asinine comment!

Thank GOD we have a majority government in this country and now we are seeing things being set right. The CBC needs to be part of that.

E Mac said...

Get rid of all three - including the backup data.

E Mac said...
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wilson said...

And the LGR records are going to be destroyed, all 6.6 million reports, gone!
Only one province wants a provincial registry....Quebec.

Perhaps Quebecers would be better served by having a 'union thug registry'.

Quebec is sooooo 'progressive' eh, Alberta has 5 X more females working in construction than Quebec.
And I have NEVER read where a female consturction worker in Alberta had some guy lay the steal toed boots to her...
Here in Alberta we are zero tolerance to workplace violence,
not so in Quebec.

CK said...

Oh Southern Quebec, when will you learn? In the world according to Hunter, and those like her, life would be, oh, so much simpler, if every 'lefty' were wiped off the face of the earth, preferably by a gun. Ain't that right, dear Hunter?

Patrick Ross said...

@Southern Quebec

"There was a shooting at Dawson College. Someone was killed. Probably a lefty, but still... "

The person's politics have nothing to do with it. The most salient detail is that they were shot and killed with a registered weapon.

The registry didn't prevent this gun from being used to kill someone. Didn't work.

liberal supporter said...

The car registry also failed to stop the Dawson murderer, so we should scrap the car registry.

On the other hand, with all the far right vigilantes around, I will enjoy having a large arsenal, entirely legal and nobody will be able to determine just how many rifles I actually have. Do I have 1? Or 100? Do I have an old 12 gauge, or something with a scope? They'll be handy when the stormtroopers come to implement Hunter's final solution to the problem of lefties. It will not end well for them, since we will of course shoot back.

The far right assume that by being "right" that they will win any gun battle. They are stupid, so they think "lefty" also means left handed which can put you at a disadvantage using conventional rifles. Otherwise they might think twice about the "any gun, for anyone, anywhere" philosophy.

So I await the repeal of the pistol and machine gun registry. They obviously don't work either, since people still get killed by these weapons. Although destroying thousands of long gun records may free up some database space, it won't significantly decrease the cost of operating the single firearms registry. They'll have to scrap it all to save money.

liberal supporter said...

Funny how a MAJORITY, 60% of the wheat farmers want to keep the CWB. Is a MAJORITY only a MAJORITY when it is the CPC's number of seats?

hunter said...

LS, even one farmer not able to sell HIS wheat as he wants to is one farmer too many! So 40% who want choice should have it, otherwise it is a dictatorship by the CWB.

CK, I don't want to "wipe" lefties off the face of the earth with violence, just with logic. I am hoping that more lefties get with reality by taking responsibility for their own actions and get jobs.

Southern Quebec said...

"Sources say Ford turned on the dispatcher, yelling: “You … bitches! Don’t you f--king know? I’m Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!” "

Calling 911...yer doin' it wrong!

Patrick Ross said...

"The car registry also failed to stop the Dawson murderer, so we should scrap the car registry."

Unfortunately for this attempt at an argument, Kimveer Gil didn't run the victims over with his car. He shot them. With a registered weapon.

liberal supporter said...

Gill DROVE in a registered car to Dawson College to commit his murders, so my point about the car registry being as useless as the gun registry in this case is sound.

Anonymous said...

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