Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unions Are Out Of Control!

Power to the people, or so the unions say, while taking away people's power. If you are stranded at an airport because of a union strike, you as an individual have no power. You are helpless, caught in the grip of the collectivist movement of a union who doesn't care about you, only about their power, their demands for more money.

"We ask the federal government, in the strongest possible terms, to respect our right to collective bargaining and not intervene unilaterally in this dispute," he said.

But Raitt said union members had exhausted their right to bargain twice already, and rejected the tentative agreements hashed out by the union and Air Canada.

"They've had two kicks at the can on this one," she said.
 So, can the federal government legislate the unions to butt out of the next election? Will the judges "allow" it? Can they bring in legislation that makes union membership voluntary not mandatory? Can they make it so that unions need to reveal their financial statements to the public, just like any corporate entity?

Should public employees even be allowed to be in a union? They are negotiating with a government who pays them with taxpayers money, they have their hands in the taxpayers pockets, and can hold the government of the day and taxpayers as hostages because of the votes they can supposedly deliver. They can also fund special interest groups during an election so they can advertise for or against a certain party.  They make the individual vote a joke. They distort democracy with advocacy. They protest at the drop of the hat. Where do they find the time if they are working soooo hard? Right, thought so.

Unions have helped to lead to the ruin of Europe, especially Greece, and they are on the way to try to do the same thing in Ontario, where unions impacted the election and even in Alberta, they impacted the vote for our Premier.

They are overstepping their mandate, they ignore the wishes of their members, and waste union membership fees in the millions, on political battles. How much like dictators they appear. Union members have no right to opt out. They are told who to vote for. They must appear to agree with the union presidents, whether they do or not. If a member protests the unions behaviour, the likely result is that they get no work. Unions are allowed to automatically take "dues" from the workers, and are not under any restrictions as to how they use that money.

I would like to know how much the union leaders are making. I would like to see their expense accounts. I would like to see how much they have spent on the elections, and what party received their member funded donations.

Air Canada flight attendants can hold us all hostage, but who really needs them? They don't even serve meals anymore, unless you pay for them, so what purpose do they serve? Seriously, who needs them? Unions give them the power to hold individuals hostage, anytime they want. Why don't teachers strike during July and August if they really care about their students? HA!

Unions are out of control. They need to be reminded of their purpose, but I guess they understand, better than us taxpayers, that their mandate has already been achieved, and they have nothing left but political advocacy.  


The_Iceman said...

The teachers union re-elected Dalton McGuinty, and now CUPE is running radio ads in BC protesting free trade. Their union dues come from tax funded wages.

Alex said...

I hope the answer to a lot of your questions is YES. Level the playing field as they like to say.