Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jailing Western Farmers Wasn't Enough...

Now the Canadian Wheat Board wants to sue the taxpayers of Canada to keep their monopoly control over farmers. I ask you, what is good about a monopoly? How is lack of competition a good thing? The CWB has had their way for way too long. It was a good idea decades ago, now, it is so entrenched in it's power that it has forgotten to like about what is best for our farmers.

Basic economics instructs that a monopoly will charge a higher price to consumers. The CWB can also give farmers less than the market price because our western farmers, by law, can not sell their wheat to anyone else but the CWB. So, the CWB gets to screw farmers and consumers at the same time. No wonder they are scared to lose their monopoly.

"Going to jail to free western farmers was definitely worth it. It frustrates me that almost one decade has passed since then. It's hard to believe such a law still exists in Canada."
 Let's be clear here. The Canadian Wheat Board will still exist after this bill is passed. They will just have to compete and show western farmers that they will get the best price for them, and that scares the crap out of the glorified CWB.

Does the CWB try to work with the government? No, they are suing the government (meaning us taxpayers....just so you lefties understand who actually pays the bills) because their little kingdom is a risk of having to move into this century. Here is a sample of how lefties think, or not.


12:24 PM on October 26, 2011
It's ironic the way "free trade" will lift many restrictions, while strengthening the "corporate powers" that bind us. Without the Wheat Board's powers, greedy corporations (the wal-mart type) will move in. All the little guys get bought out, corporations (maybe Chinese), buy-up the land and up the prices. Profits leave the country, farmers are now minimum wage earners, and Harpo has satisfied another group of his cronies. "Happy Capitalism"? Sure! If you're in the minority that rules!


1:38 PM on October 26, 2011
Please explain how the apocalypse you describe will be brought about by giving individual farmers a choice on where to sell their wheat?
Lefties scream and yell about a woman's right to choose, but they do not understand that farmers should have the right to choose too.  Individual rights can not be allowed according to the lefties, unless it is something they agree with like the elimination of prayer in schools (except Muslim prayers, those are okay with the lefties), no more "Christmas" anything (can't offend all those "other" religions), and no letting kids be kids without adding sex education into kindergarten classes.

Everything that has been going on lately has reminded me of Atlas Shrugged. Maybe the wheat farmer's should forget to plant crops next spring, see what happens to the price of grain products. Maybe corporations should stop hiring all those union workers.

The CWB is sucking the blood out of our western farmers, and they are obviously running scared. If they had any smarts about them, they would work with the government to realign the laws, instead of suing us tsxpayers.

Free our western farmers! Give them the same choice that eastern farmers get.


maryT said...

The lefties keep crying all our land will be bought by foreign corporations but they never mention that someone has to plant those crops, spray them, fertilize them, harvest them and then haul it to market,(when the cwb says we can and how much we can sell). People do that, and by the 200,000 dollar tractors and combines and other machinery. When farmers retire they sell their land to another farmer, or to the hutterites.
And strange as it may seem,some sons want to continue to farm, so they buy the land.
And to think that for years,the canadian wheat board has discriminated against eastern farmers by not letting them be part of such a great organization. Goodale wrote the current cwb laws, and Goodale jailed farmers for selling their own grain to other than the cwb,
How many acres are seeded to wheat and barley this crop year compared to 50 years ago. Why the decrease from wheat and barley to other cash crops.
And it will be farmers who end up paying for the lawsuit, instead of getting a good final payment.

Don said...

If I were a farmer, I would very seriously consider NOT growing crops controlled by the CWB. I would also encourage other farmers to do the same.

wilson said...

Western farmers should launch a discrimination suit against the CWB head honchos.

What other federal laws only apply to 4 provinces?

JR said...

Right on, Hunter.
Also, it's time to start killing the dairy cartel.

liberal supporter said...

Less than 40% of the farmers want to stop having a single desk system, and a government elected by less than 40% of Canadians wants to let them have their way.

I guess democracy takes a back seat under the criminal CPC.

Fred from BC said...

liberal supporter said...

Less than 40% of the farmers want to stop having a single desk system,

Uh-huh. Problem is, only farmers who were actual members of the CWB and selling their wheat exclusively to the CWB were asked for their opinion of the CWB; anyone else had to obtain a special form, fill it out and HAVE IT NOTARIZED before their vote would be counted. Nice try.

(what is it with Liberals and lying, anyway?)

and a government elected by less than 40% of Canadians wants to let them have their way.

What does Jean Chretien have to do with this?

I guess democracy takes a back seat under the criminal CPC.

Oh, haven't you heard? There is no longer any crime in Canada, according to you Liberals. We don't need new prisons (to replace the unsafe, overcrowded, falling-apart ones we have now) OR any new "get-tough" laws (to replace the old Liberal practice of coddling criminals wherever possible).'s paradise out there now, thanks to the gun registry. Right?

JR said...

liberal supporter,

People voting to force others to join a marketing cartel may be a form of "democracy" but it's also a form of thuggery that one might expect from a "democratic" thug- state like, say, Hugo Chavez's.

In a truly free nation, individual farmers would have the right to decide how and to whom they sell their product - not be forced by law, under threat of fines or jail, to sell it through a government mandated cartel.

So, I don't know whether or or not your "40%" is true but it should be irrelevant. Even if it were ONE farmer he should not be forced to join a cartel.(Even membership in OPEC is voluntary.)

Our constitution needs an amendment expressly forbidding marketing cartels including (or especially) government ones.

P.S. You should change your handle to "illiberal supporter". It would fit your ideology better.

maryT said...

Farmers slap Canadian Wheat Board with countersuit
steven chase
OTTAWA— Globe and Mail Update
Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:25PM EDT
Guess there are farmers who want the CWB gone.
Part of this suit is to forbid the CWB to use profits from grain sales to fund their suit against the govt.
So, lS, it is the farmers who pay all costs of this outdated agency.

hunter said...

LS is a slow learner.

If only ONE farmer wants to sell his products to someone else than the CWB, he should be able to, so the lefties spewing distorted CWB numbers are just political animals.