Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stop The Quebec Pandering!

Not going to sit well out here in the west. Proportional representation means that PEI should only have one MP not 4. If the Conservatives give Quebec, who's population is dwindling, 2 more seats, they better be able to justify it, because right now it looks like political pandering to me.

On Tuesday, Ontario officials said the province will receive 13 additional seats under the new formula, down from the 18 seats expected under a previous expansion proposal that failed to pass before the May 2 election.
As well, British Columbia may gain only five seats, instead of the seven anticipated under the last plan, according to reports circulating Tuesday.

The changes in those two heavily populated provinces could allow Quebec to gain two federal seats, a response to criticism from some Quebecers that the earlier federal proposal endangered that province’s influence on Canadian government decisions.
Meanwhile, Alberta could gain six seats, instead of the five expected under the last proposal.
I am hoping that this is just an unconfirmed rumour, because, in no way does Quebec deserve any more MP's, as a matter of fact, they already have too many MP's for their voter base. While they are redistributing MP's, can we reduce PEI to one MP from the 4 they presently have?

More examples of how the east rules the west. This is just blatant pandering to Quebec. My nose detects a stench coming from Ottawa, and much as the east is used to the stench, we out here in the west, do not want it drifting into our back yards.

Stop the Quebec pandering. If they don't like the original agreement, too bad, it was fair. Not like the fact that Quebec gets 75 MP's no matter what their population might be in the future.  No that is unfair.

PM Harper, Quebec isn't going to EVER vote for you, so quit the pandering. They are like teenagers, all hot hormones and not much thinking.


Jeff Davidson said...
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Alberta Girl said...

I too am pissed about it!!! This needs to be made clear to the Conservatives that they cannot keep pandering to a province that NEVER votes for them.

Fitter said...

I'm from Ontario and if this is true, then my donations to the Conservative Party will end.

Blame Crash said...

I'm not going to get worked up over a couple of seats going there way. These extra Alberta, BC and Ontario seats are a big loss of influence for them and that's all to the good.

James said...

If this story turns out to be true, I’ll never send another dollar to the Conservative Party of Canada, and I’ve just written my MP and the party to say so. This is Harper’s equivalent of Mulroney’s CF-18 maintenance contract.

Blame Crash said...

Now what makes me believe that "Fitter" and "James" are pulling our legs?

Could it could be that many far left propagandists are lieing duplicious dirt bags?

You're too clever by half Fitter James.

James said...

Actually, I'm legit. My MP is James Moore and I e-mailed both he and the party shortly before posting here.

This was the response I got:
Thank you for taking the time to contact the Conservative Party of Canada and for sharing your thoughts with us; we truly appreciate your input as a concerned Canadian. Please be assured that your comments have been carefully reviewed and noted.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours truly,


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