Thursday, July 30, 2009

CTV Bad Boy Fife!

Fife says Conservatives don't want an election, then goes on to tell us why they want an election. I think the hair dye has affected his brain.

Fife japs about Chr├ętien, saying broadband was his idea....what a Liberal suckup. Fife is losing it, seriously he's jumped the shark and ended up in the whales belly. Hello Fife, Chretien is a has been, he is out of power, you are worshiping a dinosaur. Fife is totally clueless, he pretends to be impartial yet slams Conservatives at every chance he gets. Here is another example of Fife being a Liberal

Pay attention to how snarky Fife is towards Jason Kenney.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says a recession is no time to trigger an election, as political instability could undermine any potential economic recovery.

Harper added that the government's number one priority is to take care of the economy, which he said is still fragile after months of job losses.

CTV is going all out to make Canadians think that the economy is not recovering. I guess that's because they are worried about their jobs. If the Liberals don't get back into power soon, they will not get their senator appointments for life. Their papers will be left to declare bankruptcy. Sweet, that's a good reason to keep voting Conservative.

P.S. I am tired of trolls. From now on I will have comment moderation on. Goodbye SQ, LS, Gayle, and Mysty, you have outlived your welcome here because you have abused my generosity. You persist in taking over my blog with stupid (hey Obama called cops stupid so you should be down with that!) comments. Go back to rabble and CC's blog where you belong.


Anonymous said...

Great decision, Hunter. Gayle does serve one purpose, however - her arrogant and self-serving comments sharpen our commenting pencils, so to speak. As for Stereo - good riddance. SQ and I were having an almost-adult dialogue but he did push you too far. As for LS - can't figure that guy out. Comment moderation is great - let's keep the dialogue on an adult level - even if the hit count is lower. LOL.

I don't mind opposing views - in fact, I welcome them - but when they fall into the Gayle pattern of arrogance and offensive, I draw the line. Why do I find Gayle's comments offensive? Well, she tries to play these little word games and the implies that we're too stupid to pick up on her comments' juvenile style and that is insulting/offensive.

Stereo was rude to you - there's no other word that comes close - at least a word which can be published on a family blog, that is.

I am breathing a sigh of relief that you have finally reached the end of your patience and have acted. I figured that the past comment about your body (the one where you're in your garden) would have done it. You have far more patience with trolls than I would ever have.

Mary HInes said...

I was quick to get an email off to CTV regarding Robert Fife's report on the PM announcement. He had to start off by saying - "it was his boss and party Chrieten, who first came up with this back in 2002 - and the PM should not try and take credit for it". Can you imagine - it doesn't matter if he has to go back to the dark ages to get a liberal to give credit - if his liberals announced it, why didn't they do it.... He is so liberal bias, red is starting to show through his bleached blond hair... He is a disgrace and has to be exposed for what he is at every opportunity we can...

Anonymous said...

One more thing, Hunter. If any troll reappears with a different name or if a new troll appears, delete the comment. You write good posts and it's a disgrace to allow them to be sullied by trolls who seek only to provoke and disturb.

Alberta Girl said...

"Goodbye SQ, LS, Gayle, and Mysty,"

Thank you, Hunter.

With the possible exception of Gayle, the others just babbled.

Alberta Girl said...

I don't understand why the Conservatives don't call out these idiots when they are being snarky.

They let them get away with way too much, in my opinion.

maryT said...

So long, it was not good to know those mentioned. Thank you for taking that action, and banning them.

Carolyn said...

GDP shrunk in May Hunter. The economy is still is recession. That's not CTV's fault, is it?

Lee said...

Good for you!!
They really were getting quite tiresome.
I am always trying to figure out what the purpose of these silly commenters is, and i gave up, lol.
I guess being a pain is their purpose in life.
Anyway, I enjoy your writings, keep up the good work.

Gabby in QC said...

Hello, Hunter,

You have indeed been very patient with the usual suspects' childish behaviour.

Re: Fife's comment on the broadband announcement. True, maybe Chretien announced it back in 2002 (I don't feel like doing some fact-checking right now), but he also 'announced' he'd get rid of the GST and the FTA. Chretien also signed the Kyoto Protocol, and then did nothing about it. So add another one to that list, the broadband project.

sor said...

Hunter- Thank you for removing those nuisances from your blog. It is impossible to have any dialogue when they are around. Vheers.

Bec said...

Fife, confuses me too because although he wears his liberalism like a team jersey, occasionally he'll flip. When he does that however, I have noticed a pattern that is unsettling. He seems to ramp it up again within a day or so and bring out the liberal pom poms.
I am completely disillusioned with all network political reporting. For one, we can't even call it journalism anymore because it has become the gossipy adult version of the children's game, 'pass the word'.
I just wish that the networks would give us back credible, personable, intelligence in political reporting.
Fife, has none of those but he is not alone.

Bec said...

Carolyn, that is a valid point but it would appear to me that they report from their Ontario bubble. They do not seem to focus on the many positives occurring elsewhere in the country. That is rather important, don't you think?

It may be simplistic to say but positive messaging is also their responsibility. It encourages the consumers, the markets, investors etc.

It's just the balance, I suggest and the feel good stories are far and few between.

I believe, speaking as a partisan that these same doom and gloom prophecies would be toned down substantially if the govt were Liberal and that is ONLY an opinion.

Hunter, it needed to happen. It was a gong show around here, thanks.

caz said...

I dream of seeing the look on all their faces after a Harper majority win. It brings a smile to my face everytime.

Anonymous said...

A-Girl: Gayle added nothing but arrogance. I hope she stays away.

wilson said...

'Fife japs about Chr├ętien, saying broadband was his idea....'

and like most every 'idea' Liberals campaigned on
'it didn't get done!'

PMSH gets it done.

Story from Paul Wells,
Tobin got the portfolio,
The New National Dream: Networking the Nation for Broadband Access,
Tobin wanted $1 Billion to get the project started, government funded project.
Chretien ended up giving him next to nothing......story ends that private industry carried the ball taking broadband out 80% of the way.
As usual, where there is a demand, private industry will fill the need.

p.s. nice to see you get your blog back Hunter.

jad said...

According to Paul Wells it was actually Brian Tobin that originally wanted to expand broadband, and he got shot down by then Finance Minister Paul Martin. Whatever, the Liberals "didn't get it done" to quote the current Leader, so it's fair game for the Conservatives to take a shot at it.

So-o-o-o glad you've finally stopped all the trolls, it was simply a waste of time fighting my way through all the comments.

Soccermom said...

"Goodbye SQ, LS, Gayle, and Mysty,"

Amen to that! The air is fresher in here already! I've already forgotten the rancid troll odor of days gone by! Please keep the door locked on these imbeciles, Hunter. It's a much nicer place to visit when they don't take over the discussion with their insults.
Fife probably got hauled into HQ after accusing Liberals of feeding a false story to that newspaper, so they had to reprogram his brain to spout out the usual b.s.

Reminds me a bit of when Dion shoved that reporter on election night and said he would not talk to CTV. Instantly Lloyd Robertson and the reporter began talking up Dion, saying he was such a gentleman and nice person, etc. etc., as if to deflect what had just happened. It's like they can't help themselves!

Well, we saw raw unfiltered footage happening and Dion looked like quite the jerkish prick that night.

frmgrl said...

Way to go Hunter, that's the reason why I haven't commented here for a long time. These trolls were just a tad arrogant and too immature for my liking. They would distract from the orginal topic of discussion which I found pretty annoying.

Joan Tintor said...

Thanks to Wilson and jad (and Wells) for the fact-check on Chretien and broadband. I seem to recall that's why Tobin quit in early 2002.

cantuc said...

Damn , Hunter , you have a waaaay more patience than those trolls deserved . Those endless hahahas always made me think of that liberal talking head ,Steve McKinnon with that ever present idiot grin like he just stole your grat grandmothers dirty underwear . . Good decision and about time .