Sunday, July 19, 2009

What A Light Show We Had!

I didn't post last night because I was too busy watching the light show that was going on outside. I love summer storms, but I didn't want the hail. My youngest captured it on my camera.

Near the end you will see the hail. Luckily this morning, other than some bruised flowers, everything seems fine.


West Coast Teddi said...

Very good photography - quite the show. love the prairies in summer.

We were at Butchart Gardens last night for the fireworks - must have been 20000 people. lots of little fires in the woods which I thought of after we passed a "fire ban" sign on the way home. All the flowers are fine (as you said!!) and the Rose Garden is spectacular right now.

Ardvark said...

Here are a couple of links with pictures of last nights storm(s) and the aftermath.

maryT said...

Yikes, just saw the results of your storm, on cbc. Trees uprooted, cars damages, and what a mess. Hope your home escaped ok. Also, how is your family in Kelowna. Did they have to evacuate.

hunter said...

MaryT, we watched my neighbours 50 foot spruce carefully but it stood it's ground, thank God!

The fire in Kelowna is on the other side of the bridge, so my family is okay. Last fire, my sister's house was about 2000 feet away from the fire, but the wind changed and the fire swerved up the hill instead of down to her home. They did have to evacuate, and we were very worried.

We noticed this trip that everything was very dry, with inches of dry needles just waiting for a fire. I blame environmentalists for fires so close to homes, they will not allow controlled burns.

maryT said...

And how many trees and homes would be saved if they did allow controlled burns, or logging dead trees. Maybe a class action suit against the envirowackos would do the trick. Bankrupt them.

liberal supporter said...

I blame environmentalists for fires so close to homes, they will not allow controlled burns.
Even with a near disaster for your loved ones, you choose to milk the event for your narrow partisan ends by telling more lies.

Unlike you airily asserting it's the environmentalists' fault with nary a link, I will give you a link.
Controlled burn.
In BC.
One month ago.

Why do you make stuff up like this? Was it just bait for maryt to again demand trying to shut people up by destroying them financially?