Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Is A Hit!

Guess the tea party has it's stuff together, as Sarah Palin is their keynote speaker.

Palin Goes After Obama at Tea Party Convention

The Democratic agenda is "running out of time," former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Saturday at the National Tea Party Convention, claiming that the conservative tea party movement is part of a brewing "revolution" that constitutes the "future of politics."

Palin, who delivered the keynote speech on the closing night of the three-day gathering of conservative activists, aligned herself squarely with the movement, frequently using the word "us" in describing it.

"This is the future of our country. The tea party movement is the future of politics," she said.

Interesting how a real grassroots movement will influence the elections in the US this year. The prorogue movement in Canada could only wish that they would have the same impact. The problem with that is the prorogue movement is not a real grassroots movement, it's a phony media driven lefty movement, and a weak one at that.

The Republicans better stand with Sarah, no matter what she decides to do, because she has the tea party standing with her and they are a powerful voting block. The Democrats and the media are still trying to pretend that the tea party is a non-entity. Typical lefties, they think unions and special interest groups are the ones with the power, and ignore the average voter. It will be interesting to see how many of the candidates that the tea party supports actually get elected this year. It should be a big wake up call for the Democrats, but they tend to be voter deaf.

Go Sarah!


Southern Quebec said...

The best part of the speech...when Sawah read the answers off of her hand! Soo, cool! Why didn't you post the video of her interview? Oh, did you know that they PAID her $100K for the speechifying?

West Coast Teddi said...

The Tea Party Movement is unlike anything we have seen before - leaderless but powerful. Palin just has to say "I think candidate XYZ is a real winner" and the money, support, people power kick in. What they learned at the convention was some of the tricks of the trade and many are ready to put what they have learned into practice.

When I joined the Reform "movement" in 1988 and attended many meetings and fund raisers, there were many single issue members, as there are in the Tea Party. These single issues generally worked there way out of the movement as the movement became a "party" and under Preston Manning began to focus the issues. This could happen to the Tea Party but I sense that they have a set of principles already and thus don't necessarily need a leader.

Interesting times indead!

East of Eden said...

Yes, SQ - the 100g was mentioned in the Star. What's your point? Bill Clinton charges more. Was there a point to your comment or are you just commenting because you're obsessed with Hunter?

As for Sarah Palin - her lack of political correctness is a breath of fresh air. She tells it like it is and has the cojones to do so.

I loved her "so, how's that hope-y change-y thing working out for you?. That cracked me up. The woman has more cojones than the entire Liberal party put together.

West Coast Teddi said...

need more coffee ... s/b indeed

wouldn't want EsQue to misinterpret my comment

BTW what does AlGorecle-gate charge for his talks? And he only sold 40,000 books and Sarah sold …?? MILLIONS hehehe

hunter said...

SQ if you had bothered to listen, she clearly states that she is returning the money to the cause. How about Gore, does he return the money to his cause?

The_Iceman said...

She is a hit with the conservative base, but she is polarizing in the center. Most votes are in the center. Palin 2012 is Obama's best chance at a 2nd term.

I don't think Sarah has enough patience to wait for 2020. She will likely have quit her job on the speaker's tour by then. Frequently quitting jobs is a trait she shares with the current President.

East of Eden said...

That's right, Hunter. And does Suzuki contribute his fee to his cause? Ignatieff? Any of them? The only Canadian politician I know who contributed her money was Belinda - if not mistaken, I believe she dontated her salary to some charity. Funny how the lefties keep their money while telling the government to spend, spend, spend. How much does Lizzie Mae contribute? So, S (trou de) Q, what was the point of your comment?

maryT said...

And how much did algore charge for talking to a middle school class.
And what does Suzuki get for his speeches.
SQ, any comments on Obama using a teleprompter to a kindergarten class.

maryT said...

And how much does Clinton get for his speeches. And how much was Mr Iggy paid for his speech in London last year.

Southern Quebec said...

well said, mary the T!!!

East of Eden said...

My goodness, S (trou de) Q is certainly silent all of a sudden. Is that not typical of the left? Ask a hard question and the left falls silent. Cowards.

East of Eden said...

I have to ask - would anybody past puberty make a mockery of somebody's name? I mean, really, calling her 'Sawah' is pretty darned juvenile. Kind of ranks up there with 'dear leader'.

Louise said...

Southern Quebec, you didn't watch the speech did you.

You have to wonder if any talking head in the MSM watched it either. Not one peep from them about the content of her speech, but ad nauseam tongue wagging about the six or seven words she had written on her hand.