Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justice, Gangland Style!

You know how pedophiles are not allowed in the general prison population because the prisoners will deal with them in a very harsh manner? Well, it seems gangs are doing what our courts are unwilling to do, take the bad guys off the street.

No tears for dead man

Edmonton's latest homicide victim had been twice accused of committing murder in the past five years.

Terence Dashielle Miller, 26, died in a hail of bullets early Sunday.

So, let's look at how the courts handled this thug:


- May 2003: Terence Miller and Marlon Williams are charged with second-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of Ikeche Bates, 21.

- May 2004: Crown accepts Williams's not-guilty plea to second-degree murder. Williams pleads guilty to possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to public peace.

He is sentenced to two months of probation and 100 hours of community service.

- September 2004: Charges are stayed against Miller.

- July 2005: Miller is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Brandon Fern.

- September 2005: Miller's second-degree murder charge is stayed.

- July 2008: Williams and another man, Scott Ladouceur, are shot by unknown assailants near 167 Avenue and 18 Street.

Ladouceur dies. Williams is sent to hospital in critical condition.

- August 2008: Miller dies in a hail of bullets in central Edmonton.

Is it any wonder that Canadians have no faith in our courts and our judges? Two months probabtion and 100 hours of community service? For murder? Get real! Looks like the gangs are doing the work of our courts. What about the victims families?

"It slightly feels like relief to know the two people (accused of murdering) my brother are not on the streets," Jackson said. "I don't have to worry about bumping into them."

Still, she'd rather the men faced judicial justice than street justice.

They did face judicial justice, and were let back into the streets. Do I feel any sympathy for these thugs, not much, but I wonder what their fates would have been if they had to spend time on a work gang instead of a drug gang? We have store owners in Toronto hiring their own security guards, and we have street justice for gang members.

When are the victims going to be made a priority? When are criminals going to face real justice from our courts? When are our police going to be used for stopping real crime and not just traffic offenders? Crime is down? Sure, and I still believe in the tooth fairy!


Alberta Girl said...

I am sure Gayle will be here soon to "discuss" how he was just misunderstood and if more money was just put into the social justice system some 20 years ago he would have been a fine upstanding citizen.

maryT said...

Too bad that all those involved with putting these killers back on the street could not be punished and charged with accessories after the fact. I wonder if they sleep well at night or take any responsibility. How many lives would have been saved if they had been sent to jail for a few years.