Sunday, August 17, 2008

The East Rocks!

I mean Atlantic Canada, or PEI more specifically. Despite two weeks of rain, we managed to get to all the tourist spots on the island and loved every minute of it. The crowning moment was catching the biggest cod on the deep sea fishing boat!

My husband had to reel that big baby in because I'm left handed and the reel was set for a righty, it was still my cod, and he was delicious! On the lobster, we went to the New Glasgow dinner, paid $160 for 4 lobsters, big rip off, we went to a wharf a few days later and got 4 lobsters for $50, brought them back to the cabin, had new potatoes and yellow beans, and it was a much better meal.

Now, the island politics as I read it. We went to a pub and a Liberal MP just happened to be there schmoozing with the clientele and enjoying a fewwwww drinks. He was a total Ahole and from what I could make out, he didn't much like Alberta MP's. If any Conservative MP had been caught in his state, CBC and CTV would be yelling blue murder. On the island, the party doesn't seem to matter, just how many relatives you have to vote for you. Even Islander's think 4 MP's is 3 too many!

Talking to the family, they thought 3 out of the 4 Liberal MP's were totally useless, and the 4th has resigned. I predict PEI will go Conservative if the Conservatives pick well known representatives.

The Dion Green Shaft came up in conversation, and all I can say is that the Islander's hate it. We saw stacks of wood beside every house that had a fireplace. (Isn't that environmentally unfriendly?) Every retired person on a fixed income is already suffering from high heating oil prices, so the Liberals can't count on their votes. They protected the auto industry with no gas price increases (right) but want to charge people more for their heat? Good strategy, NOT!

Taxes, we were shocked by the PST. Coming from Alberta and only paying the 5% GST, to pay the GST and 10.5% PST made us sick. Worse, the PST was calculated after the 5% GST, so you were paying tax on tax. Now I understand what harmonizing the taxes means, and every province who hasn't done it, should.

The pace in PEI is slower, the scenery is wonderful, but me and my prairie boys were just happy to get home to the black dirt and wheat fields.

If we would have hit the jackpot on my birthday, the 8/8/8, I would have bought this Church for the $60,000 they wanted and turned it into a dine and dance place called "Soul Food". Oh well, guess God has other ideas for me.

He's talking to me right now, a wonderful thunder storm after a hot day to cool off the place! I love thunderstorms!!! Yuck, work tomorrow.

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West Coast Teddi said...

Welcome Home ... yikes ... at $160 for lobster I would rather have an Alberta Prime Rib, couple of WCT prawns and a BC Merlot.

Impressed that you are able to talk politics with family and friends. Living in socialist BC, it's tough to tell them to "fish or cut logs"!!