Friday, August 01, 2008

Look Out PEI, Here We Come!

Two weeks of bliss at a cabin on the Island! Real LOBSTER! Deep sea fishing, family picnics, the Anne of Green Gables play, golf, golf and even the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade! Can't wait!

We leave tonight at midnight (red eye into Toronto), get into Moncton at noon, cross the Confederation bridge, and presto, my husband regains his PEI accent, happens every time we go there. Dragging 4 sets of golf clubs with us is a bit of a hassle, we need to rent that big SUV to get from golf course to golf course, but it's worth it.

Beaches, long empty stretches of beach, searching for sea glass especially the blue pieces, and did I mention LOBSTER? For my birthday, on 08/08/08 (wonder if that's extra lucky?) my husband's Mom joins us for the best lobster supper on PEI, The World Famous New Glasglow Lobster Supper, we are only about 5 minutes away, so I expect we might go there more than once.

Then, for the first time in over 20 years all 7 brothers and sisters will be on the Island, so a big family picnic is planned. I'm going to stuff myself on the best potatoes in the world, PEI potatoes and fresh fish, like LOBSTER! Wonder if I can pack farm fresh PEI potatoes in my luggage? Don't laugh, I've already sent all my spices ahead with one of my husband's brothers!

As you can tell, we are pretty excited, I love PEI! Did I mention LOBSTER? HA!

We will come home, broke, 10 pounds heavier, but happy!

So, seeing as the cabin doesn't have the internet, I will sign off for 2 weeks, and come back with my adventures on PEI.

Oh....did I mention LOBSTER?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Have fun, Hunter!

It sounds like a blast. I may be asking you for travel info. That's a trip I would love to make.

maryT said...

Hunter, flash-did you know they have fresh lobster in PEI. Have a great holiday and early birthday greetings. Yes, 08-08-08 is supposed to be very lucky. Maybe you can find some lobster that day.

maryT said...

Just saying happy birthday to you today. Wonder if you have eaten any lobster yet. LOL