Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, I'm Wondering.......

Where have all the weekly polls gone? Shouldn't all the polling companies be out in force, asking about the green shift? I'm curious, aren't they? Or are the results not being published? Call me skeptical, but the silence is deafening.

The latest poll numbers I could find were from Ipsos. Shows a tie. Funny how you can't access the actual data. Nik on the Numbers, hasn't done a poll on how we would vote, since April? You remember, his firm was the most accurate during the election, but now looking at his site, he pontificates with few numbers to back him up.

Check out his latest article, not one single number, not one. Excuse me, but don't you do surveys to find out public opinion, with some numbers?

Then we have Decima, did they forget Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba again? Just asking because I see no mention of the west, except for BC, well, I know BC is in the west, but, they are only part of the west. Did Decima include Toronto and forget Alberta, because you see, the two cancel each other out. And they talk about urban women, not rural women, why did they exclude rural women? Just asking.

So, one won't show their numbers, the next talks but has no numbers, and the third, forgets a few provinces, and rural women? Nice.

If the two parties are tied, as the polls show, why did the Liberals sit on their hands over 40 times? Why not a fall election? I love the fall, door knocking will be much more pleasant in the fall than the winter like last time. What's it going to be Dion? Here are his choices as I see them:

1. Sit on hands tell October 2009, then lose.
2. Wait for December, then maybe get booted as Liberal leader, then lose.
3. Force election in fall, then lose.
4. Call uncle, claim bankruptcy and step down, then lose.

Yikes it's not looking good for Dion!


Jeff Davidson said...

Yikes it's not looking good for Dion!

conservative support drops nationwide and the grits are killing tory support in ontario...

yup... it looks bad for dion.

btw, when was the last time the rural women of canada decided the outcome of an election.

you live in a dreamworld.

ps. polling frequency traditionally dips during the summer months.

West Coast Teddi said...

Jeff, please provide concrete proof for your "btw question" and please reference polling data in detail about Ontario.

You seem to view the world through a "rose tinted lens" - check your F stops.

jad said...

Both my husband and I are on Angus Reid's polling list, and we have both done a couple of political polls in the last month or so.

So, yes, the companies are polling, but somehow nothing ever seems to make it into the newspapers ....

Alberta Girl said...

Wonder if they don't like the answers they are getting to the questions they are asking.

Remember they didn't publish that "rogue" poll that showed the Tories at 42% either.

Maybe that is why Dion's "election meter" has gone from "Canadians want an election" to "We will see in the fall"

Anonymous said...

It is not the lack of polling that intrigues me, it's the almost total abscence of any news surrounding the Liberals grand scheme to sell the green shaft during the summer. Wasn't this supposed to be the time when the Nutty Professor hit the road to stir up enthusiastic acceptance of this tax grab with his lofty rhetorical capabilities.
Now, I know this is the doldrums season for politics, but it was the Liberals who touted this as their moment to convince voters of this wonderful earth-saving scheme.
I am also aware that here in Alberta we won't hear much that promotes this latest Liberal rape from the local media. But surely, with the MSM being in the hip pocket of the Liberals you would expect to hear some hosannas from the touchy-feely crowd working out of their Toronto headquarters. The silence is deafening.

hunter said...

Jeff, are you saying that rural women don't count? That's why they only talk about urban women in the report? Why does a polling company break it down into urban and rural women and then only show the results for the urban women? Kind of biased don't you think?

Like never reporting Alberta results, where Conservative support is the highest?

Statistics can be manipulated, that's what they are doing.

wilson said...

''btw, when was the last time the rural women of canada decided the outcome of an election''

'At a boy Jeff. That's the same attitude that the Martin Liberals took in the 2006 campaign.
And that is the same attitude that explains why Liberals have poor grassroots $$ support.

Rural Ontario and Quebec and the Tim Horton's crowd in the ROC gave PMSH the government in 2006.
Called the silent majority.