Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Easy Being Green!

Okay, I couldn't help comparing Dion to Kermit, I tried but I just couldn't help myself. Fife actually asked some hard questions and Dion, well, what can I say, he is either intellectually deficient, or not that smart. HA!!! Sorry, I'm bored because I don't have question period to play with anymore. Enjoy my version of Dion and his green shaft.

Lefties laugh at PM Harper for his clothes and weight (not something they can mention anymore, good job PM), maybe they should tell Dion that his mannerisms make him look like Kermit. The little head shake and pursed lips......well, sorry not working for this female. Do females base their vote on looks? NO! But, I will take this:

Over this:

Oops, wrong Dion, I meant this guy:

Dang, must be that glass of wine I had with supper, okay, I mean this guy:

Nothing against Dion, I think he's a "swell" guy, but his policies and politics stink. Plus, he has no lips, seriously, every photo shows Dion has no lips or chin, a sign of a weak person, so my Grandma told me! Thank goodness I listened to my Grandma!


maryT said...

Just sent you an e-mail for a good laugh.

Reid said...

Your granny sounds like a wise lady.

Do you remember the last PM to have a weak chin and thin pursed lips? And that's the reason he's known as "Joe Who?"

jad said...

It seemed like every question Fife asked, Dion had a long explanation to give, which didn't always seem to match with the question. I think he has been programmed with Response # 1, Response #2, etc., and sometimes the questions come out of order, so the whole thing ends up sounding like gibberish.

On a more serious note, out here on the Left Coast, people are getting concerned about Dion's categorical statement yesterday that "there will be no special deals for any province". As you know, we already have a gas tax courtesy of Premier Campbeell, and Dion had promised Campbell that BC residents would not face double taxation because of it. So do we have a deal or do we not ? I think he has some more 'splainin' to do.