Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Special Day!

Today, my husband and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. I am still as much in love with him today as I was 23 years ago, but it's a love that has changed as we have changed. It is deeper and more enduring today, than it was when we first got married.

The first bloom of love, that heart stopping infatuation with each other, has changed into a solid companionship, a joining of two hearts into one. We have become a true team, building a family life that gives us all respect and trust. Family is the building block on which society is built. A strong family means as strong country.

Commitment is not easy, there are many bumps along the road, but if you do not try, if you give up because it's not what you expected, you are taking the easy and selfish way in solving problems. This is only a "me" generation because the fabric of the family has come under attack. Divorce is too easy, and Hollywood makes it look normal, it shouldn't be, not unless it is an abusive relationship.

Millions of people commit to each other and stay committed. They work out the bumps, and stand together against any threat to their families. They are the backbone of this country. Think back to the pioneers, they had only each other to rely on, and the communities they lived in worked together to help all people. That is what has made our country great, people committed to building safe communities.

To my husband, on this special day. I love you dear, may we have many, many more anniversaries together. May we face the bumps in the road with strong hearts, and stand together to give our boys the moral values they will need to grow up as young adults who take responsibility for their lives and actions.

Now, dear, you have the laundry to do, and the dill in our garden needs to be thinned out. Life is good! Another interesting day is going to be my birthday, the 08/08/08, going to buy a lotto ticket that day for sure! This little guy helped make the day even more special, he's raiding the bird feeder.


maryT said...

Congratulations and many more, last Sunday, July 6 my hubby and I celebrated 54 years of togetherness. Do plan to have a special celebration in 2 yrs, and hope you can do what I did, on both our 25 and 50th. I wore my wedding dress. Hubby can still wear his tie, and my daughter says it is because I shrink wrapped his clothes.

Raphael Alexander said...

Congratulations to you and your husband. And to Mary as well. My grandparents made it to 65 years before my grandmother died.

I just had my "official" wedding anniversary of 7 years in May, although we were married in a civil service sans family in 1993. So it has been 15 years all told.

But enough about me, 23 years is quite a good stretch. In today's era of divorce and dysfunction it's practically a miracle.

hunter said...

Wow, 54 years is excellent! I can still get into my wedding dress even after two children, so that's a great idea for our 25th.

Raphael, it's the commitment that matters, not the number of years.

Anonymous said...

Youngest son: OMGWT(H)BBQ 23 years?!?! I've only been there for 12 years of marrage. (exuse my spelling if get it wrong, im 12:D) YEAY FOR MY PARENTS!!!!????

maryT said...

The next two yrs will go very fast, especially if you plan to have a family do of some kind. It is not to early to start planning, with work schedules, holidays, travel plans etc one needs at least six months so people can make future plans. Also, don't forget to get in touch with your MLA and give them the date so they can get the certificates ordered from the Premier and themselves. We also renewed our vows at a special Mass. We were fortunate that even at our 25th and 50th, our attendants were able to be there also.

hunter said...

Yes squirt, your spelling needs work, but it's the thought that counts. Aren't you glad Mom and Dad got married and had you?

MaryT, good advise, I would love to retake our vows at a special Mass. That way my sons would be a part of the celebration.

Randy said...

Congratulations to both you and maryt! My wife & I have been married for 29 yrs & I'm more in love with her now than ever! hunter, you are right about the change in the love after facing the "bumps". You come out stronger.
I will put myself in serious debt to make our 30th magical! Any ideas maryt?

Anonymous said...

Wow 23 years that's awesome I just wish you decided to have me a little bit earlier then I might be like 20 years old by now. Still congratulations.

hunter said...

Randy, congratulations on the 29 years! I was happy today just going to the driving range with my family. Especially when my husband wanted to give me advise about my drives, then walked away muttering about nothing needing to be corrected, that made my day! It's family that counts, and your wife might be happy just relaxing at a spa and getting her nails done. But a big bang up party would be fun too.

To Stretch, my oldest, I know at 15 you want life to go faster, you want to stop being a kid, and become a young adult, it will come son, just be patient. As your Mom, I want it to slow down, you are growing up to fast for me. Every moment I have with you counts, and when you finally leave home, I hope you will have the strength of character that will take you through life with a smile. (I know too sappy, HA, live with it.)

maryT said...

anon, I will tell you a story about my niece, who wanted to date a boy 18, she was 14, told him she was 16. At dinner one night we started to discuss her parents upcoming anniversay, their 15th. The young man said WHAT, you told me you were 16, and without a pause she said, I am, my parents had me a year before they married. Shocked silence and she said, well if they hadn't gone together for 8 yrs before getting married, I could be 22. Be happy where you are.

hunter said...

MaryT good advise! That anon just happens to be my 15 year old, they want to run before they can walk in this world, oh to be that young again! Or not!

maryT said...

Randy did you have a 25,then just do something special for her. Reservations at a nice hotel, for the wkend, special dinner, possibly combine any of the above with tickets to some concert, play, or event she would enjoy. But, just make sure she is not planning a surprise for you. The amount of money spent is the least important thing, being together is what counts.
I am not a person who wants or expects flowers, except from the kids or g/kids so bouquets are not something my husband buys. He gave me 13 roses in the late 50s after the birth of a son. He is always getting a bad time from friends because he never gets me flowers. Imagine my surprise on the day of our 30th, when he come home, rang the bell and handed me a bouquet of 24 roses and 6 carnations, with the announcement, it hasn't all been roses but mostly it has. I found out later from the florist that he had ordered 30 roses, and she said, do you know how much that will be, of course he said. However, she had been unable to get 30 roses and added the carnations. He picked them up and paid the bill. I guess he choked a little bit, but never said a word. Prices had gone up some since the 50s. Never did find the cheque or bill. And yes, they are pressed and yes I did appreciate them.

Randy said...

Thank you mary. I buy my wife cheap bunches of seasonal flower at the grocery store all the time. I realize it's not the $ but the thought. My wife has 2 dreams; an Alaskan cruse or visiting the East Coast.
Any thoughts, fell romantics?

maryT said...

Friends of ours have just returned from an Alaskan cruise and others are going next year. Enjoyed it greatly. They go every year.
My grandmother gave us advice when we got married. Always have a dream, and when you reach it make another one. Always have something to reach for. Rather than flowers my passion is books,& stuff for my office. Favorite is a picture of a chimp using an adding machine, with lots of tape spread around, the saying, I always take the best 3 out of 5 totals. Those cruises have to be booked almost a year in advance so get on the phone tomorrow.

hunter said...

We are going to PEI in August, my husband is from there. It is so hard to describe, but it's like entering a whole different country. The beaches even in prime tourist season are usually pretty empty. The lobster suppers are amazing and the people, what can I say about the people, except totally awesome, friendly, and willing to do anything to make your stay the best experience of your life.

Go to PEI, see that red soil, and walk on beaches without anyone to be seen for miles, now that's romantic! Experience a part of Canada that should not be missed.

Yikes, I'm sounding like a travel ad! It's worth it, believe me, a prairie girl born and breed, we are even thinking of retiring there.

Eskimo said...

Congratulations Hunter!

It will be 20 years for me and Mrs. Eskimo this September. Wow has time flown by.

PS. Love dropping by here. It's like stopping in for coffee at a friends house!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sorry this is a bit late, but congrats to you and your husband!

A strong, loving relationship is a gift to cherish and nourish. All the best!