Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Am Conservative!

There, I said it! I feel better.

It's something I don't say often enough, to people I know. Even in Alberta, Conservatives are quiet. I have been in meetings where some Liberal has been spouting off about how wrong the provincial conservative government is on some issue, and I say nothing. Maybe that's why I blog, I can be the one spouting off, and you can listen or not, it's up to you the reader.

This is where the Liberals have an advantage, they proudly declare they are Liberals and therefore we should listen to them especially about Canadian values. We have been brainwashed for years with the Liberal agenda, we have been made to believe that Canada is a liberal country. That's just not true. Canada is a conservative country.

The true heart of Canada, is not the swingers clubs, the drug sites, greenhouse gas spewing environmentalists, the easy on crime liberals, we have been lead to believe. It's the loudmouthed Liberals/lefties telling us that, with the expert help of the media.

The true heart of Canada is our families and our land.

Environmentalists can praise Suzuki all they want, but they do nothing to actually help preserve the land, they don't plant trees in the summer, they are too busy protesting in some far off land I will never be rich enough to see. They are not there when a hurricane hits, they are too busy protesting in Washington. They do nothing, they serve only themselves and their own agendas. It's the Christian organizations helping in Africa, while environmentalists yell about stopping DDT, which could stop malaria cold, but can't be permitted because a bird egg might get harmed? They offer nets, anyone here been bit by a mosquito at anytime other then bedtime?

Feminists cry: "It's my body, my choice!" as they kill those little ones that would support them in their old age. They might have killed the only person in this world who would have loved them, without conditions. Yet, they want our children in day cares with unionized workers, not with their Mom or Dad. They do not want their own children, but they want ours.

Judges let sexual predators off with time served, or juveniles who kill someone get house arrest, this is the liberal way. Punish the victim, coddle the criminal. Is it any wonder that criminals voted for the Liberals in the last election?

Then we have terrorists, "Bring Khadr Home" they yell, he's a Canadian, he was only 15, the nasty Americans are not letting him sleep! Bullfrog. He's a terrorist.

I Am Conservative. I am not heartless like the Liberals want you to think. I donate more time and money to charity than any Liberal I know, I do it because I care.

I Am Conservative because to the roots of my soul, I believe in family, in community and in helping others. I'm sure that many people of all political persuasions feel that way as well. My question is, why aren't you a Conservative then?


Roy Eappen said...

I am Christian and a conservative. I often say that to people. I think you are right Hunter. We are often afraid of the reaction when we say things like that. Its time for all of us to speak out.

Balbulican said...

"Speak out"?

Good grief.

You guys never shut up.

Southern Quebec said...

Try Conservatives-Anonymous. Admitting you're one is the first step.

Ti-Guy said...

Even in Alberta, Conservatives are quiet.

Do you ever leave the house?

I live in Toronto (liberal/lieberal/pinko capital of Canada and centre of all that is unholy) and I know who each and every one of my acquaintances is who votes Conservative...although they are starting to feel a little embarrassed, especially when I point out blogs like yours.

Anyway, sound like you're two seconds away from opening fire on a Unitarian Church. Seek help...stat!

West Coast Teddi said...

Well "I am Conservative" and proud of it. I "stand up for Canada" and am proud of it. I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and support the Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt. Hon Stephen Harper.

So take that liberal-its ... I will always cancel out your vote and as one of the previous posters on this blog used to say:


Jeff Davidson said...

organizations that plant trees in america

non-profit environmental groups that plant trees... ( tip of the iceberg. there are SO many)

stephen lewis foundation

ever heard of stephen lewis? he's got a little street cred when it comes to helping africans. i have no idea if he's a christian or not. however, he is a ....lefty.

A commentary on the current state of global malaria control was published in the May 2007 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The authors identify "3 critical factors that are currently absent or in too short supply" for making progress in the fight against malaria: "leadership, management, and money," while making no mention of restrictions limiting the use of DDT. They also single out resistance of the malaria parasite to chloroquine as the cause of increasing malaria mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, not restrictions on DDT.[82]

Today there is debate among professionals working on malaria control concerning the appropriate role of DDT. The range of disagreement is relatively narrow: Few believe either that large scale spraying should be resumed or that the use of DDT should be abandoned altogether. The debate focuses on the relative merits of DDT and alternative pesticides as well as complementary use of interior wall spraying, insecticide-treated bed-nets, and other mosquito control techniques.

DDT is a pretty big issue to wade through. to suggest that environmentalists are failing africans because they refuse to advocate for uncontrolled DDT spraying is ridiculous.


non-profit resource centre supporting teens and their babies ran by...wait for it...women. (i think they're likely feminists too...gulp)

canada's crime rate falls for 3rd straight year

StatsCan data released shows a seven per cent drop in the national crime rate, which the agency said also stems from fewer serious violent offences like homicides, attempted murders, sexual assaults and robberies.

Then we have terrorists, "Bring Khadr Home" they yell, he's a Canadian, he was only 15, the nasty Americans are not letting him sleep! Bullfrog. He's a terrorist.

i believe omar khadr should be brought back to canada. i'm a terrorist because i disagree with you? read your own words.

I Am Conservative. I am not heartless like the Liberals want you to think. I donate more time and money to charity than any Liberal I know, I do it because I care.

first of all, many canadians disgree with the policies and positions of the CPoC. get over it.

this does not mean, necessarily, that anyone who doesn't vote conservative thinks those that do are heartless.

secondly, your assertion that you are more generous with your time and money than any liberal you know is rather meaningless. how can you prove such a statement?

why use your charitable works as a measuring stone of heart size against the lefties, isn't the act of helping others it's own reward?

let me ask you something, do you offer you time and money to those with different opinions than you?

is the condition of your charity complete compliance with your world view?

your us against them mentality is counter-productive.

the facts are clear. most canadians are dedicated to their families and communities regardless of who they voted for last election.

we get justifiably pissed off when we're told we aren't as canadian as you because we don't support stephen harper's vision for our country.

West Coast Teddi said...

Well Jeff glad to see you are doing some research!!

I read Lewis' book about his trials and tribulations in Africa and IMHO he has no credibility. Spent most of his time in money sucking time wasting meetings with UN bureaucrats and expense account NGOs who in reality didn't save any lives or make a difference to anyone. Croc Tears with little starving school girls just doesn't cut it. He spent chapter after chapter complaining that no one acted on these hugely expensive reports so they had to have another meeting. A complete waste of time.

Jeff Davidson said...

maybe a visit to lewis' website to see all the places his foundation is currently funding projects in africa would help inform a more sensible opinion.

projects currently funded by the stephen leiws foundation

Jeff Davidson said...

Grassroots projects are the focus of the Stephen Lewis Foundation — providing resources to small, front-line groups that make tremendously effective use of comparatively small amounts of money. On rare occasions, we fund larger undertakings where we are sure the funds are being disbursed at the community level.

maryT said...

Once a conservative always a conservative and once a liberal well maybe I will try ndp, green, communist party or something else.
Last night I had visitors from Seattle Wash, and of course their election come up. They are over 50 and supported Hillory. He is leaning to Obama, she toward McCain or not voting. Change come up and I asked, what will he change, and how can he change anything without senate or congress support. He was stumped and said, that is what he has to answer before he gets my vote. He said that more and more he is hearing workmates and friends ask the same question, what is he going to change. These are people that are not polled, and their thoughts never make the news, but there is a lot of distrust in the Democratic base. I got the same reaction from family from several states 3 wks ago at a wedding.
I think the same questions are lurking in cdn minds, what do liberals stand for other than raising taxes and stealing taxpayer money, and how come they get off with getting special treatment re financing.
Dion will never be PM. That poll from Angus Reid asking, will Dion be the next PM, the NO is now 76%, up from a few weeks ago. The first time I voted it was at 68% NO.
Come on Dion, fish or cut bait.

Ti-Guy said...

It's the arrogance and the conceit of these rubes that gets me. They claim they're noble, but by all indications, seem to be profoundly ignorant, spiteful, hateful, vindictive and self absorbed.

How "conservative."

West Coast Teddi said...

Well ti-guy "takes one to know one" and you certainly want your cake but don't know how to eat it.

try sitting in the church, you might just learn something