Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Globe Morphs Another Story!

This time I didn't catch those little rascals changing stories, but they left the comments from a previous post about Dion wanting an election this fall. (If anyone finds the old story, post a link)

Dion touts tariffs on countries that are ‘free-riders'

Check out the 700+ comments, they are all about an election being called, not a tariff. The Globe pulls a fast one, changes the story, but keeps the comments from a previous article.

Dion muses about an election because his "green shaft" is going so well, the Globe prints it, then changes the story. Why did they change the story? Dion talks about a fall election, then suddenly the story is about a tariff? Talk about changing the channel when you don't like what you hear!

Meantime back at the ranch, Canoe asked this question, based on the same story the Globe had featured, "Do you want a federal election this fall?", the responses are very interesting. Start with first page (12 at this time would be the first), it will give you a true sense of how Canadians feel about an election in the fall. From the comments, it looks like about 98% do not want an election. Just a sample for those who are too lazy/busy to go to the site:

NO! and once again, Stephane Dion shows just how much he is out-of-touch with Canadians.
Tim Roberts, 2008-07-23 11:33:19

No. Prime Minister Harper is the best in many, many years!!
Inbred Fromlindsay, 2008-07-23 11:33:18

I'm with Buck, the sooner we get a tory majority the better.
Ed, 2008-07-23 11:32:56

Yes, Harper has done such a great job he should be given a majority
yogi, 2008-07-23 11:31:31

His he nuts? No way!
Bob, 2008-07-23 11:30:30

Canadians are ready for another election?? Seems to me that the liberals are still out of touch with popular sentiment. There's no way Dion or the liberal mafioso are getting my vote or that of anyone else I know. They did enough damage while they were office before. Why would we be stupid enough to set ourselves up for that again?
susanne, 2008-07-23 11:30:26

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I am happy with Mr. Harper, and can't STAND the sight of DION!! We haven't forgotten the MESS the Liberals left behind.....NO ,NO ,NO to and election this Fall and someone please tell Dion to quit having pipe dreams. When he was in AB, who did he talk to??? NOT voters, but university students....NO ELECTION & DEFINETELY NO DION!!!
E, 2008-07-23 11:24:57

Yes !! It's time for the Tory's to have a Majority Government !
Buck, 2008-07-23 11:22:48

dion is just desperate...desperate people do desperate things.

so my answer is NO!
k, 2008-07-23 11:20:41

You notice I didn't pick and choose, the ones I liked, I just copied some responses in a block, look at the times posted if you don't believe me. Read more of the comments, it's not pretty for Dion. Guess that's why the Globe tried to change the channel on their own site, the response to an election was anything but favorable to Dion. Slimy tactics by the Globe, make it seem that the tariff article is so popular it gets over 700 comments, when in actuality it was an article about Dion calling an election that generated all the comments.

Grow up Globe, you are supposed to be a paper that represents Canadians, not just Liberals. Make Liberal Gloria Galloway put a tag at the end of any article admitting that she is married to Liberal Dion's top Liberal adviser. Clean up your act, maybe then you might get some ad revenues coming in to save your paper.


Anonymous said...

It is really unbelievable how bias the "Globe and Mail" is - The top 3of their 4 Owners of that paper are STRONG liberal supporters, all their reporters have to be liberal - look for example at Gloria Galloway - right now - her husband, Mark Dunn is chief strategist for dion - and she is one of the political reporters, now wouldn't you say that was bias? She constantly uses "unknown sources" - well, we know who those are, and always has little threads of negatives towards Harper throughout her stories - plus nothing stating her liberal connection - look at Jane Tabor - and listen to her on Question Period, do I have to say more? I wrote CTV and told them to change the name to Jane and Oliver's Liberal Question Period. She is another liberal pushing the owners agenda, and looking for brownie points to move up their ladder - saying Harper is "fat" - imagine a host of a show - talking like that about our PM! - we know they are owned by liberals, dion is doing absolutely nothing himself, his "Green Grab is going down the "tube" - the only thing he has going for him, is liberal pollsters telling Canadian lies what the people are thinking, so the Conservatives will not go to the polls, and liberal paper such as the Globe giving the liberals millions of dollars of free advertising every day. We have to promote that NO ONE buys their paper unless they advertise it as a Liberal Globe and Mail and we have to contact the Globe's sponsors, and tell them just what is happening... If they want to support a liberal based paper, then the rest of us stop buying it, and placing advertising in it...

maryT said...

It seems editors, columnists and owners of newspapers are all in denial of facts. The NYT is losing money hand over fist. Laying off hundreds, ad revenue down megatons of money, and they blame it on the economy, advertisers are cutting back, and today it announced it is raising the price of newstand copies. Not one of these papers will admit the truth, bias in their papers. The same with many cdn papers. Most of the reporters and anchors have been around since Trudeau and have not had a new idea since. Have any of them considered that every time we see, hear or read them we remember how they covered up all the scandals etc of the liberals. The truth of their bias is more evident everyday and fewer voters are paying attention to them. We are voting with our wallets and remotes. They know that their chance of a senate or other patronage job is fast disappearing and they are mad. Things will not change until they quit their gotcha politics and scandle of the week scams. To get us back they will have to tell both sides of any story, and unfortunately, most of them can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

On Canada Day I woke up, grabbed a coffee and went online to read for a while. I clicked onto the Calgary Herald link, and there it was. A article about another manufactured poll that had been concocted by Strategic Council for CTV and the Globe and Mail. The polls purpose was to discredit our Prime Minister of course, but it ended up insulting Canadians as well. The journalist half wit dirt bags must of got lots of negative feed back, cause it was soon gone from the Heralds site.
The poll itself was to "inform" us that Canadians prefer Obama much more than our own Prime Minister.
Now, how low is that, and on Canada Day to boot.

Joe said...

Oh come on now if the Mop and Pail, CTV etc did not hype Dion as much as they do you put all the people attending a Dion function in a telephone booth.

BTW what ever happened to the liberal talking points about 'concentration of media ownership'? Back in the day it was strongly hinted that maybe a combines investigation should be taken against the big media. Then the media became even more liberal friendly and the whole issue disappeared down the rabbit hole.

Rich said...

Taber Oliver Galloway etc are just mouthpiece with no commonsense and they call themselves reporters.
I find rather sad that these people and their pathetic msm would allow their very liberal party to steal from canadians rally,wine and dine in support of terrorists groups etc without ever giving two cents of concern for the general public.
Are these so-call MSM so entrenched in the liberals corruption thievery etc that they have no way out.

Since the liberals stealing from the nation, corruption and supporting terorists is acceptable by the MSM CBC CTV ETC!
Then why are the MSM are against the consrvatives that support canada, the flag, troops, innocent lives who are threaten daily by terrorists.

Since the liberals could not do the job within three years in their 30 years in OFFICE.
why are the MSM so angry at the Conservative for doing their job within 2-1/2 years?

Since the blogs know more about their country and surroundings which the MSM wishes us not know about; then we must use the blogs in order to sustain our curosity.

maryT said...

G&M comments now up to 934, and mostly dealing with election. Did not read them all but hit various sections. Did find a couple that comment on them changing the story. If those posters were the only ones who voted, dion is burnt toast.
Oh Oh, 420,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Mississippi. Thats got to cause some problems for the unqualified tug boat operators and the price of gas.
River has been closed.

Noname said...

I just saw this article on National Newswatch and wondered if it's more of the Globe's selective editing?

On Newswatch's website, it's entitled 'Then And Now: GST Cut Good, GST Cut Bad... The latest from Stephane Dion's 'special advisor'.

The link to the globe's page is

I clicked to read it and then noticed that comments are closed, even though it's only been online since 9:37am. See below for what was on the page... - Blogolitics

Then And Now: GST Cut Good, GST Cut Bad
Dan Cook, today at 9:37 AM EDT

Dec. 1, 2005 — Conservative candidate Garth Turner: "Today, of course, it was the GST. Stephen Harper did what I had hoped and blogged about here a couple of weeks ago pledging to drop the rate of the GST by a couple of points, one immediately upon winning government and the other over five years. It is an extremely reasonable and worthwhile position. The GST is a tax on consumption, so people who consume the most pay the most which killed off Ralph Goodale's argument (he's the outgoing finance minister, by the way) that a GST reduction favours the rich. Ralph knows better, and it must have made his teeth hurt to say that. "Second, the Liberal argument that an income tax cut is kinder to lower-income people than a GST cut is the second big lie."

July 25, 2008 — Liberal MP Garth Turner: "In April and May last year Ottawa collected almost $3 billion more in taxes than it spent. This year, same time, it spent $500 million more than it had. The reason: GST revenues tanked because the economy's sinking. It also shows what a dumb decision it was to chop the sales tax rate, instead of the income tax rate. At least families would have had more cash to get by with each month. Now they can save GST on a plasma TV they can't afford."

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