Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Taser, Or Not To Taser...

That is the question. Me, I'm fine with the taser, it's better than bullets. Personally, I'm never expecting to be in a situation where the police will have to taser me, but if it was a choice between being tasered or shot, I'll take my chances with the taser, thank you very much!

The latest lefty whine is about tasers and how they should be BANNED, big shock there! HA. They've banned guns, and smoking and drugs...oops, no, they like drugs. If some druggie, out of control on PCP or cocaine, comes at them with a knife, they should not use the taser, that's unfair to the knife wielding criminal. They might stun them long enough so the guy drops the knife and gets cuffed, end of threat.

What happens if they do ban the taser? Bullets, from real guns coming at the criminal, I can live with that, guess the lefties haven't thought about that, oh, who am I kidding, they don't think about real consequences, only their imaginary utopia.

Now we have this little article, from the CBC. Manitoba teen alleges police used Taser on her in jail cell

A Manitoba teen is alleging police officers stunned her with a Taser three times in a jail cell following her arrest by RCMP earlier that evening.

The girl, who was 16 when the alleged incident occurred in Selkirk last November, said four male officers held her down in a jail cell and shot her with a Taser three times.

Here's the problem, if four male officers were holding her down, and they tasered her, they all got tasered. Don't believe me, watch this...

So, little lady, maybe you should go back to the drawing board on that little item. What were you doing drunk at 16 and in jail? Where were your parents? Right, get back to me on that one.

For a great example of when to use a taser, watch this one. Much as I love dogs, when I was attacked by a pitbull (he was out of his yard, he bit at my leg, luckily I had baggy pants on, the owner saw what was happening and called him off), I would have loved to have a taser, or bear spray.

So go ahead you lefties, ban the taser, just remember that you are giving police one less non-lethal choice in their arsenal. And I thought you lefties were all about choice, guess not! It's like telling a woman to carry a whistle when she is getting raped, instead of bear spray.

To taser or not to taser? Taser those little sweethearts!


Raphael Alexander said...

The point is that it could be your child next time, Hunter. Think about it.

hunter said...

No that's not the point, the point is that the police will use force because of a threat to them or bystanders, I much prefer the taser to a gun.

And why should the police taser/shoot my kids, they are safe and not likely to be roaming the streets at two in the morning drunk with a knife.

maryT said...

I hope that young girl gets charged with lying or something. Reminds me of Arar. Have any of you seen the pic of the illegal in San Franciso that killed an entire family. Baby faced Khdar the second. He has a long record but could not be deported because of some decree the mayor put in.

Skinny Dipper said...

If tasers are better than bullets, then Robert Dziekanski should have been shot to death at the Vancouver airport. The taser is being used on people running away from transit fare inspectors/police. Perhaps they should have been shot to death for running away.

Taser used on people is torture. Right now, it's legalized torture which should be made illegal.

Just being honest said...

Skinny Dipper, why do you refuse to acknowledge the point of the post? ONE LESS NON-LETHAL OPTION FOR THE COPS. Not who should be tazed or when, just that banning it gives the Police one less option to subdue criminals. And give me a break with the torture bit. If an officer says stop and you comply, you will not be tazed. That is not torture. Your illogical whine is close though.

Jeff Davidson said...

if one questions the use of tasers then that individual automatically becomes a lefty?

what is a lefty..exactly?

it seems that you have created a checklist of acceptable attitudes for conservatives and anyone who fails to follow the list to the letter is a traitor and a lefty.

you suggest that when a taser is fired, it is the only reasonable substitute for gun fire.

last summer, i witnessed a 17 yr old kid get tasered in a public park in toronto during daylight hours.

the kid was drunk and resisting arrest. 5 cops were on hand to deal with the matter. they outweighed the kid 5 to 1. he wasn't brandishing a weapon of any kind and the police could have easily arrested him without the use of a taser.

i'm not defending the kid's behaviour and i don't question the cops' need to arrest him. i do, however, wonder why a taser was necessary when many other solutions were available.

it's a fair question and many people are asking it regardless of their political stripes.

Don said...

The facts are simple. When a police officer is facing an armed person, they will NOT try to disarm the person. They will offer the person a choice, put down the weapon or get shot. Cops don't get paid enough to risk their lives. God doesn't have that much money! Given a choice between being tasered or shot with a real gun, isn't it better to use a taser if possible?
For those people who have never seen what a bullet actually does, I'll try to put up a short video showing a full popcan being hit with a .38Spl

Don said...

Video of what happens when a pistol bullet hits a full pop can on the shooting range.

Taser me, don't shoot me!

hunter said...

Thanks Don, that illustrates my point very nicely.

*Jon said...

the point is, there are abusive police who do abuse their powers.. this is their weapon of choice. is there some reason why they couldnt use rubber bullets or something that does not interupt brain patterns and heart rythyms by nature? sure some people desrve it... but what of the innocents that get killed because a lazy 350 pound man doesnt wanna do his job properly