Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To Get An Election Called Early!

Okay, I knew that all political parties get $1.75 per each vote obtained after an election. What I didn't know is that it's not a one time payment after an election, it's an annual payment, made in quarterly installments. Here's the latest QUARTERLY installment:

Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Announces Second Quarter
Allowances Paid to Registered Political Parties

So, doing the math, if an election is held every 4 years, they would receive:

Bloq $12,133,606.24
Conservatives $41,982,242.72
Green $ 5,187,699.20
Liberals $34,993,189.92
NDP $20,229,927.52

That's a lot of taxpayer money. Oh, and they get an adjustment for inflation on top of that!

I see why they frame it as only $1.75 per vote. If the average Canadian, like me, understood how much it really amounts to per year, per party, I think there would be a huge stink! The Greens get $5 million and they don't even have an MP elected! No wonder the Liberals don't care about fund raising, they don't need to, not with $2 million coming in every three months, adding up to over 30 million in 4 years!

Here's how the Conservatives can get an election called....abolish this payment, make parties rely on fund raising. If they are rolling in the donations like we are told, they can afford to do without this "allowance"!! The other parties would never support that bill, so make it a confidence vote! Somehow, I don't think this will happen.


JR said...

Agreed. The money/vote scheme sux. Grass roots contributions are a better, more honest way to fund political parties. But the Conservatives have no doubt become addicted to the easy money too - even though they could probably out-fund-raise the others.

Jeff Davidson said...

Your idea would quickly result in a 2 party system.

Since we know where NDP and Green support would go, be careful what you wish for.

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffy says... we know where NDP and Green support would go"

yeah... they've been working so well together to this point, huh?


Jeff Davidson said...

yeah... they've been working so well together to this point, huh?

not sure i understand your point.

as long as the centre left is occupied by 3 parties, the CPoC has many opportunities.

force a coalition of these interests and there won't be another conservative govt in your lifetime.

now get back to your police scanner and leave the difficult stuff for the grown ups.

hunter said...

So, Jeff, you are saying there is no difference between the Liberals, NDP and Greens? What happened to the Liberals being center of the road?

Also it appears that the NDP have more ability to fund raise, so why would they join the Liberals?

The right was able to unite because their beliefs are similar, sure we have the fiscal conservatives and the social conservatives, and various other factions, but they are all still Conservative.

The left does not have that advantage. The problem with the left is that they don't know what they believe in, they spout platitudes but have no clue what to actually do about anything. They can't unite because they have no idea what they would be uniting about!

West Coast Teddi said...

Jeff you should know that Canadians don't like an American Style Republic with 2 parties. The so called NDP voters in BC supported the adhoc coalition with the Reform party for at least 10 years to counter act the Liberals. No matter how the politics in Canada is funded there will always be parties that can garner support with a "political philosophy" that attracts and resonates with regional interests.