Friday, July 04, 2008

You Know Those New Environmentally Safe Bulbs?

The ones we will all have to use by law? Well, here's a great lesson on what to do if one of them breaks. Get your kids and pets into the bunkers! My husband likes these bulbs and won't believe me when I talk about how unsafe they are, so this one is for him.

I also want to wish my American friends a very happy Fourth of July!

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Anonymous said...

The ones we will all have to use by law?
There are no laws requiring a certain kind of bulb. There are only efficiency standards. GE is now developing a high efficiency incandescent light bulb. I for one don't like the harshness of the light from compact fluorescents.

Fluorescent bulbs have always been a disposal hazard. Every workplace uses them, and most people in workplaces know they are hazardous when broken.