Saturday, July 26, 2008

All In The Name Of The Children!

Further to my post about Edmonton and graffiti, comes this article in the National Post.

Turning Toronto into a nanny state

Toronto is a city that loves to make rules.

There are long-time restrictions on smoking, pesticide use, idling vehicles and beauty contestants flaunting their assets at Nathan Phillips Square.

There could soon be rules on the availability of bathrooms at big box stores, the amount of shade in city parks, the health content of vending machine snacks and the amount of organic or local produce that should be served to wards of city day cares and nursing homes.
....All in the name of the children.

"There's this mentality that people can't monitor their own behaviour so the city needs to do it for them and spend money to do it," said Karen Stintz, a midtown councillor who often finds herself at odds with her colleagues over whether to legislate or let common sense prevail.
....All in the name of the children.

Ms. Stintz tried in vain to stop "shade audits" being carried out this summer, arguing that once regulations are drafted to dictate the ratio of shade per person in parks it will require a bureaucracy to enforce them.
...All in the name of the children.

"Most nannyistic initiatives are framed around children, because if you can't protect children, who can you protect? That's why they get away with that kind of stuff," said Mr. Harsanyi. "No one wants to be the one to stand against the children and it makes it very difficult for them to vote against initiatives like that typically."
All in the name of the children.

It starts in the cities, we elect lefties as councilors, and then stand stunned when they bring in nanny laws that take away our individual freedoms. They always have good reasons behind the laws, protect the children, protect the elderly, protect...
So, they ban guns, ban smoking in public places, ban graffiti, ban, ban, ban.

These laws fail to protect, and do more harm than good. But, they are petty little disturbances to our lives, and don't affect most of us in our daily living, so we shrug and go on our way, we shouldn't.

These laws make people dependent on the government. They take away people's sense of personal responsibility for their own actions. All in the name of the children!

How often do we now hear, we must fight GHG's or our children and grand children will suffer? Lefties do everything in the name of the children, or our greater good (whatever the heck that means). We can all say we want a better world for our children, we can all agree with that, but as a parent, what about my responsibility to my children. I do not need a law to tell me how to parent, and for those "bad" parents, they ignore the laws anyways!

I do not want the government telling me how to raise my children. I do not want them telling me to put sunscreen on them, or not to smoke in the car when they are with me, or not to spank them or ground them. I do not need them to legislate a law to force me to do this, I have common sense, and most importantly, my children are my responsibility.

The Nanny State is getting out of hand, especially those who think that national daycare is best for everybody. Best for unionized workers maybe, but not for parents. Women want choice in abortion, but no choice in childcare, seems they want to get their hands on those that escape the abortion factories, so they can mold them to their own world views.

It starts small, with bylaws about parking and smoking in cars, and it continues on from there, with bans on guns, but not the drugs that make the guns necessary. No they want insite centers for people who use illegal drugs.

Before you know it, you wake up one day, and realize that slowly but surely your rights and responsibilities have been lost and that you are not free anymore, and it's....

All in the name of the children!!!

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maryT said...

If Toronto is doing this all for the future of the children, does that mean they will soon pass a law that all pregnant women must give birth to that child. After all, can't have laws protecting children if there are no children.
Who knew that the Toronto Mayor was pro-life.